1. Minka22

    Rainbird Solenoid (again)

    I didn't see this issue on any other posts, so........ when I turn a solenoid "on" 1/4 turn, nothing happens, not for any of the four of them. 1/2 turn or 3/4 turn, still no water comes out of the sprinkler heads. How can this be? It's supposed to manually turn the water on. I know the water...
  2. EddyEddy

    Valve hammering

    I have a five valve irrigation system. Four of the five work perfectly. One, when it "turns on" (in sequence, it is the third zone of the five) knocks/hammers unstoppingly until I shut off the zone. Since the system is at least 15 years old, I suspect that particular valve is the problem. I can...
  3. William Cooley

    Selectable Hot/Cold Solenoids for Bypass Humidifier

    Thoughts on adding a second solenoid, plumbed to hot water, so that a bypass humidifier can run without the furnace (heat)? Each solenoid valve would be plumbed to hot or cold water. The output would union before entering the bypass humidifier. Ecobee thermostat set to "steam humidifier"...
  4. EastVan

    Navien Tankless H/W Heater Clicking Sound Help

    Navien CR-A 240 Tankless Hot Water Heater installed in 2010. Making an unusual clicking sound as heard in linked video. Has anyone heard anything like this? Sound appears to be coming from inlet flow adapter/flow adjustment valve/flow adjustment v/v pipe. Noise begins at 00:15 (sec) in video...
  5. davearonson

    Humidifier only working part-time :-(

    I have a bypass humidifier that is not doing its job. Even when the control is set on 50%, the indoor humidity can be quite low. During the cold snap we had in December and January (I'm in Virginia), it was about 25%, verified by my dehumidifier (and a cheap little humidity indicator). The...
  6. winni cheng

    When Lightning Strikes, Thunderstorm Coming

    Solenoid valve used in outside.When lightning strikes, thunderstorm coming, it will have a bad damage on irrigation systems. Years ago, electro-mechanical controllers and hydraulic systems were somewhat immune to lightning or electrical surges. With the advent of solid-state control products and...
  7. miro

    Question: what kind of automated valve to shut off feed to cistern?

    Hi, first posting after a lot of reading and learning from this forum. One thing I cant seem to figure out though: My situation: I have a well pump (Franklin/Grundfos) at about 60 meters (about 180 feet) that feeds a cistern and is activated through a floating switch in the cistern. It delivers...
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