shower arm

  1. C

    Securing shower arm to old splitting wood

    Hi all! Old house from 1953. Swapping out shower head to a rain shower head and the arm was too wobbly up and down, side to side. I opened up the wall and it is nailed into split wood. The bottom of the split is secure, the top wiggles a bit. I know the nails are contributing to the wobbles...
  2. Brian Kehlmeier

    How to fix lack of shower drop ear?

    All the planning in the world, and somehow my DIY decision making went awry. Instead of using a drop ear that would allow me to screw in a shower arm, I simply stubbed out the 1/2" copper with an elbow, while securing the pipe to a cross backer board below. Do I need to cut out the drywall or...
  3. D

    Help me switch out this shower head

    I am trying to remove and replace the showerhead in the picture. I don't know the brand. When I unscrewed the showerhead, I found the brass piece shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. That appears to be the socket part of the showerhead ball and socket joint. I tried to unscrew it, but it would not...
  4. BJL

    Grohe 28535 Unusual looking shower arm

    Hi, I am a newbie, and have a questions about unusual looking shower arm. I have recently moved to a new place, and found the shower arm/head like this. I think this is Grohe shower arm/head. I want to replace this with hand-held head and/or shower arm. I found out that angle from the shower arm...
  5. Jeffrey madore

    Can’t put in shower arm. Old pipe has no thread

    My wife and I just got a house and we were told it was missing a shower arm. I got one and a new shower head but I can’t get the arm in because the thread is bad and it seems too tight as well. Any advice on how to fix this? I can access the pipes which helps but I’m not sure if I can even get...
  6. ari

    Splitting and merging supply lines

    Hi, first off, I'd like to thank this forum for all the plumbing advice I've read as a guest. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular question so I finally joined. I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil...
  7. mossymeadow

    Moen shower arm leaking

    After finishing our new shower earlier this month, we've been fighting issues with our Moen shower arm leaking behind our wall. Probably should have put the drop ear a little bit further out towards the shower, but it's done now. We're getting grout cracking underneath the shower arm and I don't...
  8. Neil.Steiner

    Trying to eliminate bead of water inside wall from new shower arm

    I set out to replace a shower head and realized I would have to also replace the shower arm, since the ball at the end of the existing arm doesn't unscrew. So I used a 1/2" tap to clean up the threads inside the wall, before putting 5-6 turns of teflon tape on the arm and screwing it in. I...
  9. Teresa

    My Shower won't turn off.

    Hello, I'm a DIY person and I'm having trouble turning off my water to my shower head. My problem started when I was cleaning the shower. I knocked the shower arm and the arm started leaking. I turn off the water and removed the threads with a nipple extractor. Replaced the shower arm and...
  10. geoab


    Can a S-style shower arm be used to lower the shower head or is it only used to raise the head ?
  11. DavePA

    Repcal Presto shower head and ball joint adapter

    I'm trying to locate an adapter for an old ball joint shower arm and am hoping some of the pros here have seen this one before. The existing shower head is stamped: REPCAL PRESTO Patent Nos 2156800, 2423160 I've bought the three American Standard, Gerber, and Price Pfister ball joint adapters...
  12. subscap

    Drop Ear 90 Clearance

    I'm rebuilding my shower and ran into an issue that I'm not quite sure how to solve. After pulling the old shower out, we discovered the whole house needed to be repiped. Yay home ownership?... We had the repipe done by a local company, and now with that done, I've resumed plans to rebuild the...
  13. Gusto88

    Rain-fall Shower facet configuration assistance required - bathroom plumbing

    Currently my shower head comes directly out of the shower wall (tiled wall) and points down at a 45 degree angle. Without redoing my tiles and piping, I want to have the shower faucet higher up and in a rain-fall configuration. My thoughts are to just install a few chrome 90 degree bents and...
  14. Harry Gamble

    reattaching fixed ball arm to head

    The shower arm and shower head are pictured below. This is a Moen. Is the fixed ball supposed to press into the white plastic part of the shower head? It doesn't seem to just pop in so I'm wondering how else could it attach? Is there a missing part?
  15. ngmtl

    Showerhead Arm - How many turns

    After installing new backer board and tile, I need to reinstall a shower arm for a heavy Moen rain shower head to the wall. Basically reassembling what was there before, the plumbing has not changed. I wrapped the threads with 3-5 wraps of teflon tape and started twisting the arm back into the...
  16. JoeMama

    Bathtub faucet leaking

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have a problem with my bathtub faucet, which is not marked with a brand name. My Homer Simpson philosophy of ignoring a slow drip (every five to ten seconds) brings us to the present, where the drip is now constant (perhaps 2-4 gallons a day). After researching the...
  17. Stephan Sanders

    Unusual shower arm connection

    We recently moved into a new house and want to insert an S style shower arm/pipe to make the shower head higher. On trying to turn the old shower arm anti-clockwise I could not get it to move. I removed the flange and underneath was a mass of transparent, hard, jelly-like material. Removing the...
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