1. Jamco70

    Electric water heater problem

    1. Started getting warm water instead of hot water from 7 year old Rheem electric water heater set to 120 degrees. 2. After research, I replaced both elements. 3. When I turned the power back on, the water heater immediately threw a "Lower thermistor failure" code. 4. Rheem no longer...
  2. Borisj

    Do I need 12” vertical brass stubs on this Rheem Water Heater?

    Hello, I’m installing a Rheem Marathon 50-gal water heater, in a 2nd floor, where it’ll service only the 1st floor (so it kinda has a “built in” heat trap since the pipe only goes down). Been trying to contact Rheem for 2 weeks with no response. There’s no code official here for me to ask either...
  3. JD3263

    Water Leaking from AC Condensate Pan

    Rheem Model: RCHL-48A1G MFG Date: 05/2009 Hello, I have a lot of water dripping onto the AC filter and from what appears to be the condensate tray. The AC blows cold air and seems to be functioning normally; it's just the leaking that's a problem. I used a shop vac on the drain pipes from...
  4. Justfixit

    New 50 Gallon Rheem Backdrafting

    Hello, I installed a new Rheem 50 gallon natural gas water heater to replace my old Rheem 50 gallon. I noticed after it ran for probably a half-hour the plastic trim pieces around the water lines was melting. The vent is very simple just an elbow on about a 45 then straight out the block wall...
  5. Justfixit

    What happened to this water heater?

    This 40 gal. electric Rheem water heater is only 4 years old. They called me because the tank was leaking. I've never seen one look like this. The lower element and thermostat almost look like they were on fire but the wires weren't burned at all. Can't tell if it's just from the water or if it...
  6. RehabMD

    HELP! - Strange Rust on (2) NEW Heaters

    Hello all I fear a dispute with waterproofing contractor so need some advice I have two new water heaters in a duplex (one in each respective basement) -Model: Rheem 50gal Heaters (Purchased at Home Depot) -Electric heaters -Expansion Tanks -Dehumidifiers running 24/7 Heaters were...
  7. Chet S.

    Anode difference between Rheem models?

    Looking at the Rheem gas models at H.D. Does the platinum model with the 12 year warranty have an additional anode vs the performance plus with the 6 year warranty? My understanding is B.W. just gives a longer warranty, no additional anode. My State heater is 18 years old. I replaced the anode...
  8. FifthLabour

    Powervent water heater combustion issues

    Last year our 7 y/o Brad-Wht WH died (leaking) As the heater it replaced was working fine at age 45 yrs, I asked for a different brand. A Rheem NG Powervent (low NOx) was installed. The next morning we had cold showers. Over the last year the Honeywell control box has been replaced three times...
  9. Adam Burdette

    New Rheem Rtex 18 on my 32 year old low pressure 1gpm max on my rural well water recommendations?

    Hey guys I am new to Tankless Water Heaters, I just ordered a a electric tankless RTEX 18 for my house. It’s sn old single wide mobile home I think this one will be able to do what I need it to with ease. So I have never owned a house before this one I bought it 10 years ago it was put here in...
  10. JohnDill

    Have a house with Wall Hung Toilets

    It was built in 1969 and the Wall hung is American Standard. I want to replace one it looks to be original to the house it is gravity with a tank and a weak flush. How do you determine if a wall hung toilet will fit the carrier? What are the things to note and watch for? Thanks
  11. Mystery1982

    Rheem 40gal not heating

    I have a Rheem 40 gallon water heater it's got power from the breaker box all the way through the top thermostat the elements and the bottom thermostat I just replaced both elements but for some reason the water is not getting hot both top and bottom elements are 4500w/240v I also replaced the...
  12. lastguy

    heatpump water heater caused house no cold water?

    Upgraded gas heater to Rheem 50gal heat pump water heater but NOT POWERED ON yet. Turned on cold water inlet heard the water goes in. Turn on bath hot faucet, air came out then dirty water then clean water. Turned on kitchen hot faucet, lots of air with splashed water so I turned it off - along...

    B VENT / Draft Hood / Flue question

    Hey all, New homeowner here, been remodeling the whole house. Bought a Rheem 50 gal platinum plus gas (natural venting, only powered flue flap no fan) on clearance. Looked in the manual and it calls for B vent. Ran it out the house and up the side above the roof (per local code). Issue I have...
  14. Rachel Bayne

    Rheem Gladiator 50 gal "a114 error"

    Hello! I installed a Rheem Gladiator 50 gal water heater 3 weeks ago. Worked perfect. No leaks, perfect temp every time. During my daughters' bath last night the WH started beeping. Checking the app said it was an a114 error... And WH should be replaced. (Manual suggests it is a temperature...
  15. BPhillips

    Tankless water heater- no code, not firing

    Hello all, Brand new to this forum and hoping for a little guidance. The set up: I have two tankless Rudds 199,000 btu plumbed in parallel (both inlets to one manifold and both outlets to another manifold). They have been working great for a few years without any issues at all. As of yesterday...
  16. Rob Miller

    Can a 25A breaker damage a 5500w water heater?

    I recently installed a Rheem Gladiator 5500w water heater whereas the old one was a 4500w. My home was wired with 10ga wire and a 25A breaker. I saw the draw on the heater was at 22.5A and I asked the installer whether the 25A breaker should be replaced -- he didn't think it was a problem. A...
  17. Larry Blsair

    Startup of PEX radiant heat with a Rheem eco tankless heater

    I am starting this new system up. I have a 188k natural gas eco tankless heater and have a few questions. We live in the wilds of Wyoming. About 3 years ago they plowed a NG line in that is 250 ft from our house. The closest city to us is about 100 miles away. My wife and I built the house...
  18. Leonard Bayard

    Expansion tank needed on Rheem hybrid?

    My plumber says no and I don't have a check valve on my water supply coming into the house (open system?) However, I do have a whole house filter and a DAB pressure booster in between the supply and water heater. Should I install a expansion tank just to be safe? Concerned about the back...
  19. MichealH

    Combustion fan error

    I have a rheem eco180dvln3. It threw a combustion fan error. I replaced the motor( it was bad. It didn't spin freely) i still got a code 63. So i replaced the control board yesterday. I still have the same error code. Rheem said I should have replaced both at the same time. They are...
  20. Grfillinger

    Rheem Delayed Ignition Issue?

    Hello, I'm having some issues with my Rheem water heater and hoped someone here might be able to help. Very basically, when the burner fires up, there is a "boom/whoosh" sound. (I've linked a video of this event below). All my research has pointed to a delayed ignition problem; however, when...
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