1. Hotspur

    Help Identifying Old Shower Diverter Stem (3-valve, possible retrofit in past)

    Hi all, I've been through the Ferguson online catalogue, Brasscraft catalogue, and have unsuccessfully bashed my head against all the local Home Depot/Lowe's--I'm having a hell of a time identifying what brand/make my failed shower diverter stem is. Any help figuring out what type it is and the...
  2. TheOverThinker

    Single Shower Tankless for 3/4" Existing Gas Connection? Small apartment tankless?

    Is there an available low BTU tankless or hybrid tank/tankless unit suitable for retrofit applications in apartments, with existing 3/4" gas service? These apartments typically have a single bath with a single shower, and then a kitchen sink. Maybe a dishwasher (which could be plumbed to...
  3. purduephotog

    Adding a wye to cast iron

    Not my house. Thank God. Helping my neighbor after they moved in to add a disposal I came across this beauty. I told them I was shocked it passed inspection, and that they (and possibly me) are going to need to replace the joists, and at least sister in something in as that's under the tub...
  4. Shmauds

    Bathroom plumbing and venting- replacement of cast iron

    Hello, I am renovating my bathroom in my home built in 1936 (1960's remodel?) It currently has 4 inch cast iron pipe for waste line that is starting to leak and corrode at the joints. I am wanting to replace the old pipe with pvc and want to make sure that the basic routing of it is up to code...
  5. IanH

    Adding laundry tub next to washer

    First time posting. I have done quite a bit of Googling, but I would really appreciate expert opinions. The attached pdf shows a pretty accurate scale drawing of what I want to do. Because of the existing setup, in our recently purchased house, the tub has to go to the left of the washer and the...
  6. Joan Duncan

    Retrofit a shower panel in place of existing Price Pfister

    I made a mistake as a Designer in installing a crappy shower panelshower system with a handheld unit and Price Pfister w/o a handheld head. Now I want to put in a shower panel that includes a handheld and maybe jets. My husband is a DIYer and says we need a retrofit which is proving very...
  7. DochSavage

    Shower Pan: No concrete underneath plastic pan by orig bldr

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Hi folks! I'm in a spot, and I'm hoping that the answer is straightforward. I'm not hoping for easy; straightforward will do. In this case, I've got a 17 year old shower tiled with 4-inch tiles. There have Leaking incidents periodically, with...
  8. David Andruczyk

    Replace kinetico heads with different style, possible?

    I have an old Kinetico Model 60 (dual tank) that came with the house we purchased last year. It's about 17 years old. I found it wasn't worked shortly after we moved in and spent many hours, cleaning and rebuilding the entire unit including scrubbing out the brine tank (the previous owner used...
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