recirculating pump

  1. TaylorN

    Hot Water Recirculation pump stops working and appears to overheat

    I have a Grundfos UP 15-18SU hot water recirculating pump to distribute hot water from my hot water heater throughout our 3600sqft house to showers and faucets. It runs for 12hours each day and has been that way for at least 4 years we have been living here. Just noticed a week ago that it...
  2. RcambellSRQ

    PEX Design Question

    How many fixtures can reasonably be ran off a 3/4" hot loop with 3/4 to 1/2" reducing T's running to the various fixtures? I have included a photo of my preliminary design below. Also, do I need the check valve between the hot and cold connection tee back into the water heater? Thank you in...
  3. Martin Cooney

    Where should recirculating pump be placed?

    I have a heat pump water heater with a thermostatic mixing valve, expansion tank, vacuum breaker valve and a recirculating pump. My system does not have a dedicated return line so APCOM BPV Aqua-Flash Bypass Pressure Relief Valves are installed at sinks at the end of each circuit. Placement of...
  4. Kevin121

    Hot water recirculating pump with PEX manifold

    My home's plumbing system uses PEX with a "home run" type PEX manifold. The cold water supply runs from the manifold to the inlet of the water heater. The hot water outlet from the water heater first runs (back) to the manifold and then out to each hot water faucet in the house. The furthest...
  5. Monguila

    GPM for dedicated recirculation line.

    Good day everyone. I read somewhere that the GPM on a dedicated 3/4" return line should not exceed 1 GPM. Is there any validity to that statement? My return line is at 4.7 GPM. The total length of the line is +- 120 linear feet, connected to NPE210A. 80% of it is a straight shot along the...
  6. Sonny goldstone

    Tankless w recirculating pump not getting hot instantly as it’s supposed to

    Hello all! Since we don’t have a dedicated recirculating line, we’re using a crossover kit in the farthest kitchen fixture to make use of our recirculating pump. Our heater is a Noritz NRCR111 The idea is to get instant hot water at the tap w the crossover installed...mine gets instantly...
  7. FifthLabour

    Hot Water Heater possessed by demon

    What we have - An Ultra Low NOx Power Vent Bradford-White (is that three strikes?) 50 Gal. Nat. Gas W heater. There is a Laing recirculating hot water pump. House is seven years old in San Francisco. What happened - Saturday my wife noticed that the ♨️ water heater was making noise (a...
  8. NCGC

    Need Help! Heat pump water heater, recirculating pump, and tank booster

    I need help with a hot water heater system in a new construction. We are going with a 50 gallon heat pump water heater with a tank booster and a recirculating pump. The plumbing company is putting in the return hot water lines for the pump but expects me to provide the water heater, pump, and...
  9. Brad Wilkinson

    "Continuous" Grundfos recirculation pump stops and starts! Why??

    I just moved into my new house, where I got a looped hot water recirculation system installed. I had asked the plumber if he was installing a pump that would sense the water temperature and run as needed, and he said "Yes, it has a built-in temperature sensor, but they usually run all the time"...
  10. Candy

    Watts Recirculation pump low water presure inshower

    My husband installed a watts recirc pump on our hot water heater waterline. Because it was hard plumbed we had to cut out some of the pipe and fittings ard replumb it. We soldered and replaced tubing including a t and the solder side of a few female connectors. For part of the replumb in tbe...
  11. PRam

    Recirculating pump/system for Rinnai Tankless water heater

    We installed a Rinnai Sensei Ru180eN tankless water heater. However, the 2 bathrooms that are a little far away from the heater take a while to get hot water. After some research we are thinking of adding an external recirculating pump - so that we can save on wasting water. Questions 1. Which...
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