1. C

    Cast Iron Radiator Re-Pipe to Pex Home Runs

    I am preparing to re-pipe my home's early 1900s cast iron radiator system from black iron branch arms to a 1/2" pex-al-pex home run system. The home has 12 radiators - 6 upstairs and 6 downstairs. The boiler is in the basement and the ceiling is now fully exposed, allowing access to riser ends...
  2. Jakedeg

    How to remove air vent slug from new OCS Cast Iron Radiator

    I just bought three new OCS Cast Iron Radiators to replace some broken ones in my house. The way they came new from the shop, there is a little plug filling the 1/8" threaded tap where I need to put in the air vent. I can't figure out how to remove this plug. Is is threaded? What can I grab on...
  3. Bbillcee

    Replacing part of a radiator return advice

    hi guys So I am preparing to get a mud job for a tile floor and decided I should open a cement patch that was covering a radiator return pipe...good thing I did!!!! t\This thing is heavy rotted ...prolly leaking already ...so I'm gonna either have the section replaced from the union to where...
  4. Eclecticmn

    How are cast iron radiators moved? Hard to take apart and reassemble?

    So .... I found a free cast iron radiator on local craigslist, for free. 19 in high, 13 in wide, and5 1/3 feet long. I hired 2 movers who arrived on site and learned they could not move it. I did not have to pay. Lesson learned. I recently found one cheap on craigslist and do not know the exact...
  5. Matt in Brooklyn

    Cold Water in Radiator

    We have a radiator that has not really worked well for some time in our second floor bedroom. It used to give off low heat but now the radiator is completely cold. The other radiator directly below it on the first floor has the same issue. We are a two family house so this radiator line runs up...
  6. Peteman

    Grundfos Variable Speed Pumps?

    I currently have a Grundfos UP15-42F recirculating pump on my boiler. There are 3 branches (all on the same zone) throughout the house. The branch with longest run and the most radiators does not get near as warm as the other 2 branches when the heat is not on for very long (> 60 min as when...
  7. Bogdan Gabriel

    How do I cut off water from a radiator?

    Ok, so recently I moved in to a dorm. I live in a small room, but with a huge radiator, that looks kind of like this: but with that knob on the upper side. Problem is that the knob is missing, and I can't turn off the water. It looks like this: Any idea how I can turn it off by hand, or...
  8. carriagehousereno

    Designing a new hydronic system for my home, cast iron radiators and radiant floor?

    So i'm about to disconnect my old Weil-McLain boiler and hook up a new Navien NCB 240 combo boiler which we've been using for DHW since January. I know, I've already been told elsewhere on here that the NCB 240 is overkill for the size of the house and may likely not work efficiently because...
  9. AaronMakDonald

    Help patching leaky shutoff valve!

    I need help patching a leaky shut-off valve for the floor radiator in my apartment. I live in a large building and cannot contact building maintenance at the moment or isolate the line as it goes to the apartment next door. I tried patching it with gorilla tape with no success. The valve itself...
  10. lingua

    Hot water radiator

    Hi there, Would really appreciate any advice on a hot water radiator from Europe I was looking to have shipped over. I showed the specs to my plumber who seemed unsure of the setup yet confident he could make it work. Appreciate any info on this
  11. Henri232

    How do I remove this steam convector valve?

    This steam valve on a convector is not closing when pressurized and needs to be replaced. The problem is it is in a very tight spot and I cannot figure out how to remove it. Any help is much appreciated.
  12. gadolphus32

    Myson radiator problem with BSP threads and air valve

    I bought a Myson T6 radiator that I would like to add to my hot water system. I'm having two interrelated problems. First, the air bleed valve leaks. I followed the comic-book like instructions to install it (the valve comes preinstalled into the radiator, and you have to remove it, then break...
  13. gadolphus32

    Reassembling old cast iron radiator

    I have an old cast iron radiator sitting in my basement. It used to be in my kitchen. I removed it during a remodel. Because the thing is so incredibly heavy, I disassembled it to move it. I did this by removing the bolts, then tapping each rib apart with a hammer. I was thinking of reusing...
  14. BenDanger

    Leaking Radiator Elbow at npt thread after 3 tries

    So I recently moved a radiator and I had to re-pipe the existing valve and elbow with new 1-1/2 pipe. I used ptfe pipe dope the first time I installed the original radiator union elbow. After a day I discovered a slow leak. Took it all apart and this time used both pipe tape and pipe...
  15. gadolphus32

    Connecting PEX to Hydronic Steel System

    I am finishing the attic in my 110-year-old house and want to add radiators by tying into the existing system. It's a hot-water system with old cast-iron radiators fed by 1-inch galvanized pipe. The boiler is in the basement and has a circulator. It's set to 180 degrees with a return temperature...
  16. Guy in DC

    Looking to replace the old large cast iron radiators with slenderized ones

    Hi, I live in an old house, which has the old large cast iron water heat radiators. I would like to replace some with modern slenderized ones, such as Burnham. Could someone recommend anyone in the Washington, DC area who replaces the radiators? Also, where to buy them in my area? Internet has...
  17. Jamina Metcalf

    Radiator help!

    I live in California and I want a radiator heating system in my home. It's an old spanish style home built in 1926. There was a furnace in the hallway as the only source of heat. And yes, California is very mild weather, but it can still get pretty cool in the winter mornings. I just want a...
  18. Ontario Plumber

    Zoning of old radiator heating system

    Hi guys, I'm hoping a few of you can give me some guidance on work I'm doing in my new house. I have an old gas boiler that heats the main and second floor with cast iron radiators. I think the system used to be gravity fed, but has since been updated with a circulator. I am finishing the...
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