Myson radiator problem with BSP threads and air valve

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I bought a Myson T6 radiator that I would like to add to my hot water system.

I'm having two interrelated problems. First, the air bleed valve leaks. I followed the comic-book like instructions to install it (the valve comes preinstalled into the radiator, and you have to remove it, then break off a black plastic part that is attached to it, then reinstall it) and I think I did everything correctly. However, it still leaks water a little when the system is pressurized, and turning the screw doesn't seem to make a difference. If anyone has experience with Myson air bleed valves, I'd appreciate guidance. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if my valve is just shot.

If I can't figure out how to get the valve to work, then my other thought is just to remove the valve entirely and install a plug in its place. (I don't really need the bleed valve because I can bleed the system in other ways.) The valve is a 1/2-inch male thread, so a 1/2-inch plug should be able to replace it -- or so I thought.

When I installed a 1/2-inch plug, it leaked. It turns out that Myson radiators (which I think are made in Britain) have BSP threads. I'm in America, and I can't find BSP threads anywhere, apart from ordering stuff overseas on the Internet that would take a while to arrive and would not be returnable if it turns out not to work.

So, my question is, if there is no way to fix the radiator valve, are there any tricks for plugging a BSP-threaded hole with NPT-threaded parts that I can get locally? I understand that you can't normally get a seal by screwing BSP and NPT threads together because they are pitched differently, but could I get away with it if I used something like Loctite? I don't really care if I seal this in such a way that I can never remove the plug because the radiator has several other outlets that I could use to drain it or whatever if I need in the future.

Or, is there a place in the United States where you can get BSP-threaded parts easily? None of the major hardware stores seem to carry them, and neither does my local plumbing supply.
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