1. Max Quillen

    Stream 33 PEX A

    Can anyone speak to the useage of this type of oxygen barrier PEX A in a potable water system heavy with chloramine? Will it suffer similar concerns as red/blue Uponor?
  2. P

    In search of old Wirsbo or Uponor PEX

    Hi all, I’m looking for Wirsbo or Uponor PEX from the early 2000s. Ideally unused. I’ll gladly buy it off of you if you’re willing to part with it. If you have something that I might be interested in, please post the date code or “UB” code so I can verify how old it is. Thank you all so much...
  3. C

    Cast Iron Radiator Re-Pipe to Pex Home Runs

    I am preparing to re-pipe my home's early 1900s cast iron radiator system from black iron branch arms to a 1/2" pex-al-pex home run system. The home has 12 radiators - 6 upstairs and 6 downstairs. The boiler is in the basement and the ceiling is now fully exposed, allowing access to riser ends...
  4. Brian Kehlmeier

    Okay to use Pex B for a new addition?

    I am down to the last part of my room addition; the supply lines. I have always used copper, but my friend has a Pex B crimp tool and I know it would be a huge time saver, plus less time in the crawl space. I currently have 3/4" supply coming into the house that feeds the water heater. Every...
  5. Teamplez

    PEX pipe under joist to be changed to through joist plan

    Good afternoon all, I am finishing my unfinished basement. Its been a slow go. SMH. I have come upon a plumbing issue while finishing my wall framing (See 2854). The PEX is under the joists. I need to be able to put sheetrock on the joists. In order to do so, I am looking to run the PEX...
  6. Brad_S

    Replacing Angle Stop

    All of the toilets in my house have PEX stub outs and angle stops like the one pictured. This is a compression fitting- so I should be able to remove the nut and ferrule and not have to cut the pex, correct? Never done this before so looking for any pointers in dealing with this repair.
  7. AlBundy

    Shutoff Valve for CPVC to PEX

    Since I am hearing PEX is the plumbing of choice these days I am thinking of converting some of the CPVC into PEX as I'm in the process of a bath remodel. This is all DIY not professional at all. I need to install shut off valves in crawl space as I am doing the remodel in phases so I won't be...
  8. Shinysquid

    Need to replace a valve on a short PEX pipe- any hope to DIY?

    Hello - I found an issue with my water intake valve where there is a drip from the valve when the water is on. It drips from the right most side of the valve where there is a horizontal line/cutout. The valve seems to be one solid piece with no removable parts so I think my only fix for this is...
  9. Curiousv

    Should I prefer PEX elbow fitting or that bend support for 90 degree angle

    Please look at pic ..I have removed old valve as advised by many on this forum. So now using PEX upward of pipes you see in pic ... I have to make 2 90 degree turns with PEX so should I use those bend support or cut PEX and make elbow .. I am going to use clamp type ring (not sharkbite type...
  10. Curiousv

    Need advice on how to fix the height etc issues as per mfg recommendation

    We are trying to replace this tub and shower faucet - this was single handed and new is also single handed. mfg recommendation says 1. min. distance between valve and tub spout 8 inch ..currently its like 6 or 7 inches 2. distance between tub bottom to valve body should be 30 inches
  11. Acordeon

    PEX/copper push fitting good enough for garage hose bib line?

    We've got a line that runs in the wall of our garage to a hose bib at the front of the garage. It's a copper line and has a ball valve close to the start of the run. This winter the pipe burst during very cold weather, and I want to replace the run (just downstream of the valve) with PEX...
  12. Vybz

    DIY advice for my house.

    So we are doing an extension on my house and I want to move to PEX piping at least for my extension. I issue is I like the distribution blocks for PEX but I realize I may not be able to use them since rest of the house was done the old way. think its called the branch system. Is it ok to just...
  13. RubberDuck

    Sticks vs. Coils running to second floor

    My plumber is planning on using a series of sticks for our main lines going to the second floor from our basement. My question is: Would an uninterrupted 3/4” coil line provide a noticeable increase in flow vs 3/4” sticks (which would require 2 fittings potentially) to span the same distance...
  14. Brett Sanders

    PEX to Water Heater connection

    Hi, DIYer here replacing galvanized piping throughout home with PEX. When connecting the PEX to the water heater lines (in and out) can I just use a threaded PEX fitting into the dielectric unions that are there from the galvanized to copper connection? There is already over 18 inches of copper...
  15. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  16. Brandon Kelling

    Water Heater Heat Trap

    Recently re-did the plumbing on my hot water heater because it was done with pex all the way to the nipple and that is a code violation. In doing this changeout I could not get the new compression type fittings to make a good seal with the plastic heat trap inside the pipes. They were causing a...
  17. Dave Osborne

    Direct Supply PEX Diameter to Shower and Tub

    I have read numerous posts on these forums about the subject but questions remain for my situation. I am connected to the city water utility with a 3/4" meter, there is a 3/4" PVC pipe entering the house from the meter and a 1" copper manifold that provides home-run service to each fixture via...
  18. Brandon Kelling

    HUGE Water Leak Ruined my entire flooring in house. PEX To Compression Caused ?

    Can anyone please help me ? We purchased this new house last year and less than 6 months living there we woke up to a completely flooded house coming from our claw foot tub. Severe leak coming from the cold water line shown in the photo...Did the plumber use the wrong fitting ? How do I fix this...
  19. Bruce Claassen

    Rain head plumbing through attic

    I've searched and read several other threads on this topic, and have an idea that I want to run by the pros on this forum. We live in Kansas where it can regularly get down in the single digits in winter. We are also currently remodeling our master bath and installing a larger shower with a...
  20. Rich45

    Sizing PEX for Shower

    My apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered in another forum or thread. I am in the middle of a bathtub to shower conversion; as part of this remodel, we had to pull up the subfloor (rotted) and re-locate water lines because they came up through the subfloor where the shower pan...
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