1. TexasHighlander

    Confused on 2nd floor freestanding tub drainage

    I’m installing a new 2nd floor bathroom with a freestanding tub. (There is a separate shower and toilet with its own drain.). The drain we can use is the 1 1/2” vent pipe coming from the 1st floor tub/shower combo. This exits to the roof on one end, a septic on the other. 12” wood floor but I...
  2. KarenZ

    P-trap alignment

    First time doing any plumbing in 69 years of life and it is way out of my field. I saw a post from 2016 from DanW about my issue, but can't figure out how to add a question to this. My P-trap is very slightly off from the pipe coming from the sink. My neighbor stopped by to show us what to do...
  3. Terry

    The wrong way to install a lav p-trap on a bathroom sink.

    I see lot's of interesting things on my jobs. I was fixing the alignment of the lav faucet here and when I went inside the cabinet, I saw what I saw on the left. My mind was going wonky looking at it so I pulled a new p-trap from the van and cleaned it up a bit. The fix is on the right.
  4. 69velle

    Replacing cast iron p-trap into iron hub help, with pictures

    Hello all I have a shower with a cast iron P-trap that is leaking. At first i was hoping to cut out the old trap and splice a new abs one in with a rubber coupling, but the trap arm is not long enough to have a nice square cut with enough material for a coupling. I might get 1" of usable...
  5. tpcolson

    Can (must) P-trap be directly underneath the drain in stand-up shower stall?

    Can (must) P-trap be directly underneath the drain in stand-up shower stall? I'm roughing in a 48"X36" one piece shower stall with a center drain. In the photo I've just got it dry fit. This is the way I "think" it's supposed to go? I can't imagine moving the P-trap any closer to the vent, as...
  6. murthy

    Vanity sink p-trap leak (chrome connections)

    Hi, I have chrome p-trap under vanity sink which is leaking inspite of changing the gasket in between trap and the waste pipe. I tried to put new gasket as well as ptrap. But still is leaking through the swivel at the waste pipe joint. Wondering if putty/tape can be applied to stop the leak...
  7. wolf_759

    Horizontal venting to prevent S trap?

    I have a second floor shower/tub. The P-trap dips significantly below the first floor ceiling joists so the outlet can run across the joists, which results in about another 10 inches of ceiling depth. I would like to raise the P-trap so that the outlet can run directly under the joists and I...
  8. Terry

    JB Bayonet P-Trap tubular fittings

    JB makes a Bayonet P-Trap in their tubular line for hooking up plumbing fixtures. It's a twist and lock using O-Rings and sleeves. This side fits over a 1.25" tailpiece for a lavatory.
  9. Martin Semelak

    How to tell a shower has properly instaled drain & trap? (picture included)

    Hello, I'm no pro so sorry if there are any mistakes in terminology. I'm about to rent an old house in Norway. The shower there looks as terrible as the smell which comes from the drain. The sink and toilet are ok. Could you please advise if the drain in the picture looks altight and if the...
  10. DIY Sparky

    Sewer Gas smell in baesement

    I have had sewer gas leaking into my basement for a while now. I have narrowed it down to the laundry room where there is a 4" clay p trap in the concrete, drain on one side and a cleanout cover on the other. I think this is the culprit but not entirely sure. Also on the drain side is my...
  11. Z from KC

    Trap arm from P trap damaged, stuck in drain pipe

    Hello, Sorry to post yet another P trap question but after much searching in this forum and others I couldn't find my particular variant. I'm new to both owning a home and being my own plumber so go easy on me please! My bathroom sink was draining slowly so I took out the P trap and...
  12. Rocklvr

    P-trap pipe stuck in wall and broken

    Hello. I have a chrome pipe coming out of the wall under my kitchen sink that I can't get out. We were able to pull it out about an inch with a strap wrench, but now it's cracked half way around and I'm afraid it's going to break off and we won't have a good way to grip it. Is there a...
  13. willynate1978

    Will this vent line work?

    Hey all, I've been lurking for awhile and finally have a question that I think would benefit from the advice on this site. I'm going to be moving my kitchen sink drain from one wall to another. Fortunately, the current drain/vent line is just a few feet away (in the basement) from the sink's...
  14. BenN

    Modern decorative p-trap installation

    Hi. I've encountered a problem while trying to install a decorative (chrome) p-trap under a console sink. The stubout coming from the wall attaches to the in-wall plumbing via an elbow. As a result, the connection point between the drain pipe and stubout extends 3 inches from the wall. I...
  15. Maggie R

    Locating bathtub p-trap in basement bathroom

    Long story short, some mortar was poured down our bathtub drain in our basement, it hardened and now needs to be replaced. We were told by our home insurance company that our home is new enough (2007) that our p-trap could possibly be located in the wall vs. the foundation but that they'd have...
  16. CrackedCastIron

    Using a Sanitary Tee as Vent directly connected to P-Trap trap?

    First pic shows what I believe would be a standard install. P-Trap + P-Trap elbow, connected to a vent. Second pic shows using a sanitary tee RATHER than the elbow that came with the P-Trap, functioning as both the P-Trap elbow and as the vent coming out the top. Are there any issues with this...
  17. underthetablethinker

    Is this an S-Trap?

    Had a plumber over on friday to give advice on how I should vent my 3" toilet drain, and even after telling the receptionist on both phone calls I was only looking for an idea on where to run the vent line, the guy was still upset when I told him I was doing the work myself. He said he's not in...
  18. jammy

    P-Trap Under Floor

    Hello: My son just moved into a new house and has a botch-job of a disposal drain that we need to fix. See pics. The problem is that the drain line under the kitchen sink is 3-4" above the disposal outlet. We cannot open up the wall and tap into the existing drain pipe lower down because the...
  19. Jphil

    How do I connect a p-trap to this waste connector?

    The wall tube is 1-1/2" and the waste connector has a smaller inner diameter, so the waste arm won't slip into the stub. Is there some kind of adapter I'm supposed to use? Thanks!
  20. City Slicker

    New bathroom renovation pipe gripe

    Recently, I hired a contractor, who renovated my kitchen, to renovate my bathroom in my mid-rise New York City apartment. My building was built in 1925. He did a great job on the kitchen, and overall, a great job on the bathroom, but his plumber left behind two eyesores that I cannot get him to...
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