1. Clamor

    Would a P trap and vent like this work?

    Wondering if I can do a trap and vent as pictured below. I searched around, but couldn't find anyone asking for this specific configuration. From what I've read, it *seems* like this would be acceptable since it would block sewer gasses, and the water would not siphon out the trap. but I wasn't...
  2. Mccallum

    Increase Height of Sink Drain for Vessel Sink

    Hey folks, I am installing a Kohler above-counter sink and it is asking for a drain that is 9" below the counter. Now the basement bathroom has the drain set at standard 18" off floor which is too low for this sink. To increase the height of this drain, I would like to use two 22deg elbows...
  3. Dave1017

    Bathroom Sink P-trap backup and glug sound "un-vented"

    i recently installed a new bathroom sink with a p trap. As soon as I turn the water on the sink starts to backup and the water drain very slowly. When it is done draining it makes several glug glug sounds. There are no clogs. I would assume it is air in the line, but how do I fix it? It's...
  4. Derektvann

    PLZ HELP-kitchen drain connection problem

    hi guys, I'm new here and by no means a professional ... Trying to plum this new sink I have that sits lower then my old one.... Wondering if I can make this work (see picture) or if I will have to higher the sink OR lower the drain pipe?
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