1. S

    In slab Manifold

    I have a second in slab leak in a house that was built in 1988. On the first leak a few years ago I located the manifold for the water lines. I have a second leak at the bathroom on the opposite side of the house. My question is: Is there more than one manifold in the slab or do all lines feed...
  2. C

    Cast Iron Radiator Re-Pipe to Pex Home Runs

    I am preparing to re-pipe my home's early 1900s cast iron radiator system from black iron branch arms to a 1/2" pex-al-pex home run system. The home has 12 radiators - 6 upstairs and 6 downstairs. The boiler is in the basement and the ceiling is now fully exposed, allowing access to riser ends...
  3. WorldPeace

    Creating a PEX-A Manifold for Home Water Line

    I am looking to set up a PEX-A manifold with valves for my home water line. The Viega Manabloc looks nice but that's PEX-B. Apollo came out with a manifold with brass ball valves; however, reviews of them aren't favorable. People have complained about cheap construction and leaks. Any...
  4. acaciolo

    PEX Manifold 1 1/4 x 12 port 3/4" question, Tee or not to Tee

    I am doing a large project that has 16 3/4" PEX cold feeds to various bathrooms, pool filler, high flow faucets, etc. and 16 3/4" hot feeds to the same places. We have a 1 1/4" line coming from the 35 gpm well so our manifolds will be two 1 1/4" input x 8 3/4" outputs for the cold side and...
  5. MNeeseSpokane

    2 shower fixture, 2 sets of supply lines?

    All, I’m currently working on rough-in plumbing for a basement. I recently redid all the supply lines in the house with PEX (replaced galv steel) and am using a manifold. For my basement shower, I’m planning on doing a standard shower head and a rainfall shower head. My manifold is all 1/2”...
  6. Russell Harris

    Use a T fitting or home run - 1/2 hot water

    Hi, I need some advice on a hot water Pex-A run to a second bath. I've got a 3/4" copper to 3/4" PEX-A transition which then goes into a 3/4" flow through EP manifold. The 3/4" line continues on to an addition that is 3/4" copper. Off the manifold I would have these hot water 1/2" runs: -...
  7. JPendergrast

    Radiant heat isn't able to keep master bedroom over garage warm.

    I live in Upstate NY to give you an idea of the winter temps I am dealing with. My system is about 16 years old and recently I have noticed the master bedroom temperature hovering around 60 degrees when the thermostat is set to 72 or above. The temperature at the manifold going to that zone...
  8. NCBubby

    Looking for expert advice on how to Supply Master Bathroom

    Hello, This is probably a stupid question but here goes nothing. I am getting a tankless water heater installed and after that I am going to be re-plumbing my house using a pex homerun & manifold. My issue is I would like to have a 3/4 inch PEX supply to the master bath (2 showerheads at 2.5...
  9. RampantAndroid

    PEX repipe - home run or hybrid and recirc

    Hi! I'm currently planning a repipe of our home from a very shoddy T&B setup to a newer pex setup (poor piping and poor design. If I turn on a cold tap ANYWHERE in the home, someone showering in the master bath at the end of the trunk loses ALL hot water.) We live in a tri-level where I can...
  10. Chris Arneson

    Sticky Heating Manifold Valves?

    i have a hydronic radiant in-floor heating system. It’s actually partially heated by solar but that’s probably not relevant here. Several zones are not heating although the electric actuators show ON. I believe I must have some sticky valves but can’t find any maintenance info on them. The...
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