low pressure

  1. Sayno2mornings

    New Submersible Well Pump not building enough pressure

    So we have very hard water. Learned most of our plumbing skills by trial and error. Here's my issue. We installed a new .5HP submersible well pump. It will not build up pressure above like 16-17psi. Pressure tank is only 3 weeks old so that's not it. Bought a new 20/40 Pressure switch...
  2. Dannyplumber210

    Manabloc pressure loss

    having a issue with a home here in San Antonio. Homeowner turns on garden tub and kitchen sink faucet loses fair amount of pressure. I initially jumped to the PRV due to symptoms. I already bypassed water softener before changing PRV. Changed PRV, set psi to 75. Still losing volume once tub is...
  3. Steven R

    Intermittent pressure loss after pitless adapter replacement

    Hi all. First of all, thank you all for this forum. I've come across this forum tens of times while searching for plumbing answers, and the information has always been an immense help. This is my first post. A few weeks ago I have my pitless adapter replaced. Since then, I have had intermittent...
  4. jmw132001

    Problem with water pressure. Well pump and tank. Need help

    We are having issues with losing water pressure when we should not be losing any pressure at all. This farm and home has been in our family for the last 50 years and the well pump that was in it before was 1/2 hp flint with only a 15 or 17 gallon tank. It worked perfectly fine until grandpa got...
  5. Friolator

    Pressure Drop

    We've had an ongoing issue that I think I've finally narrowed down a bit. Every once in a while, our Buderus GB142 reports water pressure that's too low, and won't come on. Thus, we come home to a cold house, or like this past weekend when we were away, I get an email from the thermostat that...
  6. Old Fixer

    CSV troubleshooting

    I've read many of the discussions on this subject from some years back, but haven't found the information I need. I have some type of flow regulator on my household system made by Jacuzzi [BRO8] that was installed in 1974, but I don't know if it's a CSV or VFD or XYZ. It is installed near the...
  7. dblackburn

    Wilkins 975xl Flow/Pressure Issues

    I have a Wilkins 975xl backflow preventer. It is removed every winter and passes its test before every spring. That said - my sprinkle output is very weak. Each time I run the sprinklers I have to shut off the water coming from the Wilkins and open the three relief valves. This can be done...
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