1. JDCrae

    Need help with temporary solution for leak

    Good Morning All, I have used this forum for years for advice etc, but just now have become a member. Am hopeful someone will have some advice for me. Our bathroom has a leak from the shower. Its a corner stall shower with aluminum extrusion frame and glass panels. From the looks of it, we...
  2. David Payne

    This vertical pipe spills water out when draining the sink or flushing the toilet

    Here's some photos: Can I put a cap on it or will that burst a pipe? What is this for?
  3. brad4000

    Delta, Remove leaking lever bathtub handle

    Hello, Thanks for any help. The faucet in my bathtub is leaking, recently getting worse. I've changed out washers on sinks before to stop it, and plan to do the same here. The only problem is I can't see how to remove the handles to get at the cartridge inside. No discernible set screws...
  4. GoldDiamond

    Brine tank overfilling, tried a few things, no luck. Any suggestions?!

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I have a Kenmore intellisoft 350 series water softner, Model Number: 625383560 I am not a expert in water softeners, i am learning as i go, with that being said; I am having a issue with the brine tank overfilling, the entire tank is full of...
  5. Jaredpapa

    Reliance 606 Element Leaking

    Based on the various guides on this website, I'm probably looking at replacing my water heater. But this is a last ditch effort to do some DIY before calling a repair tech or dropping hundreds on a new tank. One month ago the lower element starting leaking rusty looking water. So I replaced the...
  6. Sammy - NYP

    Children's Center: Solution for flushing wipes

    Plumbing Novice here! I run a large networks of daycares in a large city. Even if we do not provide wipes in the bathrooms and changing tables, nannies and moms still throw wipes and whole diapers down the drain. Pipes at many of the locations are constantly ruined, overflowing, or causing...
  7. bgtindell

    Kinetico Model 50 Regeneration Incompete

    My model 50 is 16 years old and it has had a consistent problem with an incomplete regeneration. I have taken the control assembly apart and looked it over carefully with a magnifying glass and did not notice anything. Water drips out of the discharge tube, either a drip or small stream. If I...
  8. Rudyard

    New T&P valves on water heater leaking, pressure driven from 65 to 165psi

    For my first post here - a family I know moved into a house that's three levels, garage is at ground level and has two gas water heaters, one for each flat above. Both are 48 gallons. Each has four settings: A B C and Very Hot. Both are set at A. Both tanks have brand new T&P valves. They...
  9. Briggs2513

    Leaking underground 2" PVC water line

    All, Though I have used this forum in the past this is the first time I have posted anything, all the other forums I have searched for information have been spot on but I just can’t seem to find anything specific on this issue. I recently installed 634’ of 2” schedule 40 pvc bell end pipe...
  10. henryDIY

    Water comes out from shower diverter spout

    Is it normal for some water to still come out from the diverter spout when the shower is on? This is a brand new Delta valve with trim kit installed. Delta sent me a new replacement diverter spout but it is the same. The Moen I have at home does not leak when the shower is on. You can see a...
  11. Dandgann

    Culligan Mark 59 started continuous flow to drain

    I just repaired this unit 3 or 4 months ago. Now a new issue has arisen. After a recent recharge cycle there is a constant trickle into the discharge drain (I've had to bypass it to conserve water). Either a valve diaphragm has perforated or some check valve or gasket has given up. I found a...
  12. zeekha

    Toilet still "ghost flushing" after replacement

    Hi, I had a toilet that was seeming to flush itself and the tank was spraying the water up which was causing it to trickle down the side of the toilet and soak the floor. The toilet is on the second story, and I can see directly underneath is when I am on the first floor. I replaced the entire...
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