laundry drain line

  1. J

    Laundry drain relocation and sink addition

    Hello, I'm starting a laundry room remodel and am looking for someone to check my work before I go any further. This is a second-floor laundry room. I am relocating the laundry drain about 4' from its previous location and I am adding a sink. I've attached a drawing of what I think I need to...
  2. Retthood

    Upstairs laundry room drain/vent?

    Hello, I recently purchased a new home with un upstairs laundry room. The moving company hooked up the washer and said it was good to go. It wasn't, and they stripped the attachment, which caused a slow leak. Fortunately, the washer had a drip pan, but it overflowed and the water made its way...
  3. Ann

    Need help with laundry drain pipe

    Hi Experts Can anyone please review the attached plumbing for the laundry drain pipe? I need to attach the A/C condensation pipe to the existing pipe. Where can i attach that? Can anyone please help? Ann
  4. Alfred

    Double vanity and laundry in 2" PVC

    I am in the process of remodeling a bathroom and would like to add laundry to the same room. The only drain available to me is a 2" line that is currently being used just for the vanities. I would like to add the laundry, be up to code, and not have to replace anything under the slab. I would...
  5. usmaps

    Pump Not Turning On In Time

    I have a pump that was installed in the basement for the washing machine discharge. The pump make and model can be found at the following link: (ProFlo PF92017 - 3/10 HP Compact Remote Sink/Drain Pump System 1-1/2-Inch). It is attached to my washing machine and does not turn on in time. It...
  6. David in Va

    Is this drain hookup for laundry sink and stand pipe OK?

    I have a laundry sink with 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe that hooks about two feet over to a sanitary T fitting (lower end to 2 inch drain pipe in basement floor, PVC 2 inch vent goes up to the roof - the vent also serves, through take-offs higher up, a shower drain and I believe also a toilet drain...
  7. DAW

    Water softener discharge to washer stack or laundry sink?

    Hi, I recently repaired a water softener in an old house i bought. Unfortunately, it had been installed to drain the recharge brine into a sump pit, and then a pump pushed it through the foundation wall onto my neighbor's property line -- not a neighborly setup as I don't want it to kill his...
  8. Travis Heinicke

    Vent requirements for sump/pump floor mounted assembly

    Issue resolved
  9. Stevenson stevo stevers

    Laundry p trap venting

    I would like the p trap to be in the wall instead of outside. I dont have enough space to place a dryer next to the washer with the exterior p trap. I currently have 1 1/2" pipe for the drain and p trap and I was told 2" is required? I'm in california. My issue is that there is not enough...
  10. landsbergfan

    How to remodel basement laundry after moving washer/dryer

    Hello all. I have used this site as a great resource and found enough info to where I think I know the answer, but want to make a unique thread to be sure. Thanks in advance for the help! I am moving my washer and dryer for a basement remodel with the goal putting them side by side and...
  11. Natasha

    Washer drain pipe

    Recently just moved into a house. (Little over a week ago) Theres a washer hook up in our half bath. With the drain pipe in the center of the dry wall. This morning I notice a ton of water on the floor, and we couldnt find the source. Come home from an errand an hr ago and we hear water flowing...
  12. sskicker23

    Laundry Room Sewer Smell After Sink Addition

    Hi All, I recently remodeled my kitchen and laundry room in a 1970's ranch. I hired a highly reviewed master plumber (who completed the work) to rough in the supply and drain line for a new undermount sink. The laundry room is on the front left corner of the house near the entry walkway. The...
  13. rookie45

    Laundry drain line, sizing

    After reviewing some posts here I wonder if a recently installed laundry closet that ties into an existing bath tub drain line was done correctly. Wondering if this was done correctly and won't introduce any draining issues. Ugh. I am not that knowledgeable about plumbing but gather the laundry...
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