1. Joe B

    Navien CH-240 siphon hose leak, gas smell

    Hi everyone, Could a leaking siphon tube also result in gas escaping from a Navien CH-240 boiler? I know - Naviens are fussy. But my CH-240 from back in 2010 has been humming along until just the other day. I found that it has begun leaking from the top of the "siphon hose" where it connects...
  2. C

    Gas dryer install

    I’m installing a gas dryer. I went and bought a GE gas dryer installation kit which includes a 1/2” OD Stainless steel gas connector. I’m noticing that the gas pipe in from the house looks like it’s 1”. Is it okay to use this 1/2” gas connector with the 1” pipe coming from the source?
  3. water_tight

    Propane Inlet Code & Inspection Confusion (IRC 2015)

    This is for a new piping system to feed propane (LP) to a new gas stove in the State of Connecticut which is governed by International Residential Code 2015 (IRC 2015). According to "G2421.2 (410.2) MP Regulators": 5. A tee fitting with one opening capped or plugged shall be installed between...
  4. Bcunning

    Toilet noise after water shut off

    Another day another mystery toilet sound haha. I'm hearing a soft hissing noise so I checked the usual culprits:flapper, overflow and they seem fine. Didn't seem like water was moving anywhere in the toilet so I turned water off to the toilet and emptied it.... Still hearing that sound! Is it...
  5. TheOverThinker

    Mixed gas pipe size and BTU/Hour

    Is there an accepted/reliable method of calculating expected gas flow for mixed diameter gas pipe? For example * 40 feet of 1", then 40' of 3/4" * 40 feet of 3/4" then 40' of 1" Would the second be limited only by the first run, e.g. 170,000 BTU/Hour?
  6. Sampep

    Replacement Gas Line Installation

    Hi, I'm a DIY-er who just replaced my 40 year old 30' galvanized gas line with new black pipe. I have a few questions about the process: 1. I saw some people say to not use yellow Teflon. Instead, only use dope, as the Teflon can tear and break appliances. I didn't see this until after I did...
  7. kurt0123

    Westpoint WHV-0615 Gas water heater : no flame issue

    Hello, Flame will sometimes light up when the whole unit is poked / shaked or when I play around with the spark switch. It will sometimes make that additional sound as if it is triggering something. Then I will open the water and it will work. It seems that only when the trigger sound can be...
  8. Bradley Prais

    Clogged gas line or a bigger problem

    Sorry up front that this is long. I want to provide as much information as possible to get your feedback. Short version: I have gas to my furnace and stove/oven, but none to my water heater. Long version: Live in Central Texas, so went through the frozen rolling blackouts and 2 days of no...
  9. franksr27

    Ever install a Gas Sub Meter? Please help

    Hi I am looking to install a Natural gas Sub Meter on a granny unit I am building on my property to track how much gas the renters use. Does anyone have experience with this or know of a a certain meter they recommend? I have a good plumber that said he can install whatever I get, but he...
  10. GaryMetro

    End of Gas Piping Run Capacity Issue

    For 70' my iron natural gas piping is oversized, mostly 1-1/4" with 1" at the end. I want to extend 5' to a gas log burner which wants 110-130K btus. But the route is super tight (width-wise, no tight bends), and 1/2" CSST is the only reasonable logistical choice. Per sizing/length schedule I...
  11. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Good evening, I am respectfully requesting assistance in the sizing of a gas line for a pool heater. My local inspector will allow me to install the line on my own and once I get a licensed gas fitter to connect to the mainline, they would inspect everything. – hence the question to the experts...
  12. OldSalt

    Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - Problems

    Not sure if this forum handles these animals. Propane fireplaces seem to fit into a niche between plumbing, HVAC, and fireplace specialty stores. I have a Direct Vent Propane Gas Fireplace, with a problem. See picture below: Unit is a Vermont Castings (formerly Majestic) MLDV500PSC Unit...

    B VENT / Draft Hood / Flue question

    Hey all, New homeowner here, been remodeling the whole house. Bought a Rheem 50 gal platinum plus gas (natural venting, only powered flue flap no fan) on clearance. Looked in the manual and it calls for B vent. Ran it out the house and up the side above the roof (per local code). Issue I have...
  14. logwolf

    Need to tap into gas line

    Hello everyone Hope someone can answer this. I'm installing a new gas water heater . I'm replacing the current electric water heater. The location of the new heater will be a new location, more equidistant between the two bathrooms in the house. It will be located in a full basement, 50 x 27...
  15. SteveInMich

    Longevity of short v. tall gas water heater tanks?

    Hi! In considering a new gas, tank water heater, I have been mulling over the tall v. short tank option. Q: What have you professionals seen in terms of longevity of short tanks v. tall tanks? In looking over "what kills a tank," it seems that the most salient thing is that, once the inner...
  16. Sree gpalli

    State Natural Gas water leak from the top

    Hi, Could you help me troubleshoot my water heater leak issue. I see water leaking from the flue? I tightened both inlet and outlets, but continue see water seeping out from the middle. This has been in use from 2003. Let me know if this needs to be replaced. Thanks.
  17. gadolphus32

    Adding tee to water heater gas line drip leg

    My water heater has a drip leg on the gas line that looks basically like this (not my actual installation, just an image I grabbed quickly online): I'd like to tap into the gas line to install another appliance by removing the cap at the bottom of the drip leg, installing a tee and branching...
  18. Friolator

    Buderus GB142 - no power

    It's getting chilly out, so I decided to run the heat and make sure it's all working properly before winter. We have a single zone Buderus GB142 boiler (natural gas), installed in 2006 or 2007. It has an outdoor reset unit that has been, at times, a bit flaky (turned out to be a loose control...
  19. Drew Toddsby

    Properly tighten black steel gas piping

    Hey guys! Longtime lurker, first time poster. I'm in the process of teeing off a gas line for a new gas dryer in our second story mudroom / laundry room. We currently have a gas furnace in the attic and gas water heater in the garage. I bear crawled through the attic to trace the gas line from...
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