bathroom plumbing

  1. T

    Will this wet vent setup work?

    I am redoing a bathroom and am moving fixtures around. I'm wet venting the bathroom group, but just wanted to run the diagram by those who would know better than I to make sure that it is correct. Upstream of this bathroom group is another bathroom that is separately vented.
  2. Elizabeth Brammer

    Pipe Tapping, then Banging? Also, some gasping from BTHRM sink drain

    FIRST: Here is the problem, This Time a) FYI- I live on the 2nd FL of a 3 FL apartment complex Last night I flushed the toilet and heard the following sound.!AvNlLICQtuTAkcQY0SrJ-tvIFmBZKA This was close to 2am, so nothing else was going on. No laundry, no showers, no...
  3. Tj1dish


    This forum is really helpful with awesome ideas and Code implications!! I'm embarking on my bathroom remodeling and before anything wanted to figure out the draining configuration to the existing drain. It's basement bathroom, is 6' wide only, all is on the same wall and that's why my goal is...

    Fitting a 2nd floor bath and laundry plumbing in 1 joist bay?

    Hey everyone, Just got done with a test fit of a second floor bath and washing machine drain system. Was hoping for a sanity check. The wall hung toilet drops directly down into the short sweep you see at the beginner of the 3" line. From the back to the front, there is a sink, which pick up...
  5. Rjs12801

    Removing shower drain/ shower remodel

    Im Remodeling the bathroom in my upstairs apartment. My house was built in 1905, I purchased it in 2016, i don’t know anything about the history or when/ how many times this bathroom has been remodeled. I had hired someone to do the job, but with the whole corona thing he has since stopped...
  6. Candace

    Need advice- shower leaking outside of tub

    Hello, need some advice on how to look for the source of a leak around our bathtub. We have a tub/shower with surround walls. There is a small section of drywall on either side of the bathtub and the drywall on the same side as the shower head and nozzles has water damage. We at first thought it...
  7. James Kimbrough

    Installing new shower drain under slab

    I am re-modeling the lower level of my house, and expanding the existing half-bath to include a walk-in shower where the washer and dryer were in the utility room. North is left in the picture from before re-modeling began: To that end, I removed the wall between the half-bath and utility room...
  8. CheesecakeLover

    PVC DWV rough-in advice (pictures)

    I'm adding a bathroom in the basement, draining into ejector pit. The ejector pit is in a utility closet adjacent to where the new bathroom will be. Attached I took a picture from 3 angles. Venting: There will be two new 2" vent pipes going directly up through the roof. They are kept...
  9. LorraineH

    Inconsistent sewer smell, fixtures not vented?

    Post deleted.
  10. RobHoo?

    Seats and Stems for shower handles too large

    Hello All, Any help that could be provided would be much appreciated. I live in house built in the early 50's ('55 i believe) in Northern Virginia. I was trying to replace the seat and stem set-up in the bathroom, and I was told I would need American Standard hardware, I ordered from a...
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