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    Vented tankless water heater vents straight up though roof on front of house

    I went over the tankless location and venting with the home owner and he said he wanted/ was fine with it. I also wanted to clarify with the wife before I pipe this is and she said she was fine with it. So I vented two 2” pipes to on the side of the front of the house. They are paint black and...
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    Should I put a pan under my tankless in the garage?

    My tankless will be hung on a garage/house wall, hung on the garage side. Do I even need a pan? Opinions
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    Can I install my own tankless water heater Navien

    I didn’t know exactly what the warranty meant by licensed installer. Didn’t know if it’d have to be by a company.
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    Can I install my own tankless water heater Navien

    I’m a licensed journeyman plumber in Texas and I’m wondering if I can install my own Navien tankless water heater in my house without voiding warranty?
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    Instaling Navien NPE-A on house with no dedicated recirc line

    Installing navien npe-a on house without dedicated recirc. So I want to have a recirc system. Does the npe-a need a dedicated recirc? It is a possibility as we are doing a remodel… I know the npe- a has an internal recirc but what do I do to make this work the best and most efficiently?
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    Can I vent through this?

    Good idea. I am a plumber thankfully.
  7. JWplumbing

    Can I vent through this?

    It was there for the tank type water heater. I may need to call support
  8. JWplumbing

    Can I vent through this?

    Can I let a navien tanklesss water heater vent run up through and expel through this master flow roof jack with vent cap? (The navien vent will be sch. 40 so there will be sch 40 inside of the metal outlet) just trying to avoid making A new hole so wondering if I can use that as the outlet...
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    Which tankless water heater should I get?

    Family of 5. 2 bath house. Wondering about the Rennais or Naviens. We don’t have a return line but we would like a recirc system if possible. From my understanding, Navien is the only one with a tankless able to have a recirc without a return line
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