I have two NIBCO ball valves on the incoming water supply.
One is before the meter, one is after the meter.
The one before the meter, was replaced three years ago when main line replaced and it has a packing nut.
The one after the meter is from original build in 1993. It does not appear to have a packing nut.

In the past couple weeks the older valve has been used a couple times for toilet repair and water heater replacement.
Each time a drop of water appears at the threads where handle nut is. First time, it appeared once. Second time a little more.
Hoping it will go away on its own....
Obviously water is coming from shaft/stem. Prior to this valve had been turned almost never for 18 years.

I know all about packing nuts etc., the questions here is to the old, experienced plumbers who may have worked
with the older NIBCO.
Can tightening the handle nut on a older NIBCO (without packing nut) help with a stem leak??