Hi, I purchased a price pfister selia faucet for my kitchen and it has integrated 35" pex supply lines that seem pretty rigid. They are much considerably longer than I need and I seriously doubt I can bend them as would be needed without kinking them, not too mention the stress they would put on the valves (hot side is a sweat-on cold is compression) if attached in that manner. Would it be ok to shorten the pex supply lines and put on an adapter to connect the typical braided supply lines? I have a pex cutter and crimper (not sure that is what its called but it attaches the collars) as I have had to do some plumbing in my motorhome, just not sure if the professionals here would think that is an ok solution or whether or not the adapter is available. I can exchange/return it but it seems in the years since I have bought a faucet, integrated supply lines are pretty common so not sure how easy it will be to find one without them.

Would you exchange and look for something else or shorten the pex lines? Are these integrated lines becoming a problem for this reason, or is it just me?