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Thread: Is this legal, or will it at least work? Bath rough-in

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    Your pictures of the existing plumbing, like hj has mentioned are a bit obscure.
    We don't have a clear picture of what you intend to do.
    For these reasons, the pros tend to skip over it.

    Are you really a licensed electrician? I would expect more respect for building codes if you were.
    The cost to do it right, and the way you have suggested is going to McDonalds for lunch a few times.
    We're not talking killer amounts of money. It's more about "choosing" the correct fittings to assemble that mess. Or, it wouldn't be a mess if hj or I had done the work.

    Distance from the trap to vent
    1.5" 42"
    2.0" 60"
    3.0" 72"

    The lav can wet vent the tub, as long as that is within 42"
    You can trap arm over the lav a combined 42" distance too, so if it were installed locally to both, you could trap arm over and catch both.

    Some codes don't care about a toilet vent, but I like them for several reasons. For one, I like the water in the bowl to be calm except when tempted by flipping the flush handle.

    If you choose to vent the toilet, a wye fitting would be nice.
    Someone mentioned Bert Polks pdf on plumbing. It's killer information, and should be studied by anyone that wants to think like a tradesman. Kudo's to Bert!
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    Thanks! I read that pdf. Wish I would have read it before I started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djlazar View Post
    I know what the code book says. Don't really give a damn about the code book.
    I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I am a DIY. I look at the code as the instruction book for how to do something correctly. Sometimes I need some help with the interpretation, and that is where this forum is priceless.

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    quote; Honestly, does anyone on here do plumbing for a living?

    I have to go away right now, but I will be back to answer your questions, because I HAVE BEEN "doing plumbing for a living" for over 60 years, and your attitude is starting to rankle me.

    1. If you "don't care about the stinkin' codes" why did you even ask a question. If the pipes go "downhill" the water will drain.
    2. Your shower is using an "S" trap which is illegal under any codes, but since you do not care about them, leave it the way you have it.
    3. The sanitary tee is also "illegal" but the same logic applies
    4. A "flooded vent" may NOT be the only problem. Under the right conditions a "low vent" can become a secondary drain line.
    5. Mike Holmes is a jerk. His solution to everything is to "tear it out" and redo it HIS WAY.
    6. If no one in your area knows the code, except third year apprentices, then I can understand why you don't care about the code, because they probably also do it the "easy way".
    7. When I was a third year apprenctice, I was NOT quoting the code, I was telling the journeymen how to do the jobs and scheduling them.
    8. When I was an apprentice we had the plumbing inspector for neighboring city working for us, and I fired him. Anyone who got a few beers into him afterwards, and then asked him about "apprentices" got an earful about "that apprentice who thinks he knows everything and I have been a plumber for 30 years".
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    Quote Originally Posted by djlazar View Post
    ... The most helpful posts I've read on here are from other diy'ers...
    We might sometimes seem more friendly, but that is just part of the overall dynamic here. These guys know their stuff, and this site would be nothing without them.
    "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people." --Eleanor Roosevelt

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