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Thread: "Machine Gun" or "Thud" and a Weeping Toilet...oh my!

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    Question "Machine Gun" or "Thud" and a Weeping Toilet...oh my!

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster.

    I am having problems with one faucet in the house, which is the basement bathroom sink faucet and toilet. The faucet does one of two things randomly when the hot water is turned on:
    1. Sounds like a machine gun when you turn it on more than a 1/4 turn, or
    1. It "thuds" and the stream goes to a slow trickle. The thud or "machine gun" sound comes from the wall and not the faucet itself from what I can tell.

    My house is 3 stories. I have a gas water heater (<8 yrs old). Attached to the water heater is an expansion tank with a valve at the top.

    [Side Note] From reading this forum, the first thing I learned was that I need to get some support under the expansion tank, which I plan to do asap.

    However, as seen in the pictures of my setup and of the street meter, I am not sure that I have a closed system. I don't see where I have a any sort of checkvalve except the one at the top of the water heater. As another sidenote, again using this forum, I replaced that valve about a year ago because it started spewing water (luckily I had my water alarm on the floor!).

    I attached the black hose in the picture and have it draining outside through an old pipe in the wall.

    Anyway, the house has 3 bathrooms and the kitchen. No other faucet/shower/tub exhibits this problem, except that faucet in the basement bath, and then it's only the hot water! That faucet is about 1-2 yrs old.

    1. What could be causing this problem?
    2. What should the expansion tank's gate valve be set too? I've tried opening and closing it but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
    3. I've also tried slightly closing the valve to the water supply to the house, without success. I even tried playing with the valve under the faucet to no avail.

    Separately, in case it has any relevance, my toilet in that same bathroom (american standard run of the mill two piece) was constantly running. About 18 mos ago, I bought a replacement kit at Lowes and it stopped the trickling noise. However, over the last few months, the tank has started trickling again. Is it normal for these to fail so often? I have had to turn off the valve to the toilet until I can find the root cause of the problem.

    TIA for any assistance!!!

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