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Thread: sub-concrete floor pipe leak ?

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    Default sub-concrete floor pipe leak ?

    I have a basement bathroom.. I was putting in some new flooring, and the old vinyl was really moldy on the bottom when I took it out. after drying the bare concrete floor, i noticed there was still a damp spot. I did some wet testing by pouring water into the sink drain and the shower drain, and it the damp spot appears after I do this. The plumbing is below the concrete floor, so I suspect there is a break in the abs pipe that is allowing water to come back up through the floor ?
    The pipe on the right is the sink drain, and it goes through the far wall and into/through the concrete floor at the middle of the wall (as shown).

    dunno.. Will post a pic.. Can anyone tell me how the toilet, sink and shower plumbing will look below the floor ? I guess I'm going to have to break open the concrete floor to have a look, but I want to minimize any additional damage.

    Any other ideas / approach ?
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