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Ok, so I have super hard water at my house (95gpg) and I have a water softener feeding a whole house RO system (150G tank with a separate pump to feed domestic water). The whole setup is about 4 years old, just before I purchased the house.

Last fall, I replaced the resin because I thought it was cooked because it wasn't softening correctly. Worked nice for a bit, but now it's not softening again. It's using salt, I cleaned the control head out, and it seems to be working properly. I didn't taste any salt in the discharge during the brine draw cycle, etc - but it's still not softening as well as it should (it's coming out at 800+ppm).

Should I replace the spacer stack? What about the piston? I pulled it all apart and it appears to be in good condition, however the orings felt a bit hard.

At a bit of a loss as to what I should do next...



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Ontario, Canada
You haven't provided many details.

- Water softener control valve brand and model?
- Total quantity of resin or the total hardness removal capacity for the softener?
- Current settings programmed?
- Municipal supplied or Private well water?
- If private well supply, iron and/or manganese quantity if any?
- Number of occupants or quantity of water consumed per month?

it's still not softening as well as it should (it's coming out at 800+ppm)
How was the 800 ppm determined (method or test type)?
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