Water leak and replacing main line

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I have a leak between the water meter and the shut off valve at the house. I'm thinking this might be a good time to upsize the line and hoping for some help or advice. I have never had good water pressure or volume at the faucets.
Here is the info for the existing line.
Main line length from meter to house - 120'
Length of line from where the main line enters house to farthest faucet - 70'
Total rise from meter to faucets in house - 15'
Existing main line - 3/4" PVC
Lines in house - 3/4" copper under the slab
The connection from PVC to copper at the house is pipe thread

I would like to find out if the leak is inside or outside the house, but I would have to cut the pvc pipe at the house to cap it there and not thrilled about that idea. I could dig up the main line to find the leak and may want to replace the main line with larger pipe, but the last 30' of pipe goes under a sidewalk and under a flower bed. If I replace just the first 90' of main line from the meter to the sidewalk, would it make enough difference or is it best to replace it all the way to the house? I assume PVC or PEX are the logical choices? The sizing calculators show 1". Does that sound right for what I am thinking.
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