Water Hammer in House with Well, UV System with Solenoid

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Hi. We have a house in a rural area of NM with a well and bad water. We have, in this order, for the whole house, a Vortech backflushing tank with Filox media (abt. 11 yrs old), a Big Blue sediment filter, and then a Viqua D4+ UV purifier, with a flow reducer and solenoid. Last year we were having some moaning in the pipes, and contacted Viqua, who recommended replacing the solenoid, which we did. We also replaced the Viqua controller.

Now, after replacing the sediment filter, we have had a very loud (and distressing) water hammer, especially when flushing toilets. Also the relatively new UV bulb burnt up. And the new solenoid, which is plastic but inserted into brass pipes on either side, has some white crud oozing out, which is very weird.

Help!! Is the water hammer dangerous? It rattles the entire house. Also the solenoid feels hot.


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With so much going on just get a pro there to check it all out.

At least check your pressure tank that it is set the correct pressure. Turn off the pump and a faucet to bleed of pressure and drain the pressure tank. When empty check the pressure and it should be about 2 PSI below the cut in pressure. If your pump is 30/50, set the pressure at 28PSI. If water spits out of the schrader valve, more likely the bladder has ruptured. There are plenty of YouTube videos on this.
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