Supplying well water to the farm

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I just read through a similar post titled ‘ranch plumbing up to 3000’ distance’ but I feel this is a bit more simple and I’m hoping to get some advice as I too am far from understanding how to implement this system…
Im looking to run poly pipe from my well at the house (55gpm) about 3500’ of flat land.
At the beginning of the system it will supply a barn 200’ away, then 2 mobile homes 200’ from barn, then cattle waterer 500’ from there, to another waterer 500’, then acre pond 1000’ from there, to pig pasture about 1000’ ft from the pond.

The barn and the mobile homes will have their own holding tanks.
-The water consumption for the barn will be minimal approx 100 gallons / day
-The water consumption for livestock will be around 1000 gallons/ day (during a 12 hour period)
- The pond will need 40,000 gallons/ day to get it filled. Then to keep it full during the heat of summer approx 20,000 gallons/ day

Should I be installing a separate pressure tank to supply everything? A booster pump? Separate pump for the pond? 2” poly pipe?

Thanks for any input
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