Struggling to make a choice of backer boards for Swan Shower Walls

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I have decided to go with a glue up ( Silicone) Alcove Shower walls using the Swanstone kit. I have read so much about the backer boards and water proofing that I am having trouble deciding on a few things. I have questions maybe someone can answer or provide advice.

Swanstone glue up wall in an existing 16" on center stud walls.

1. Backer board, Thinking either Wedi Board or Wonderboard Lite. Worried about wicking but also worried about wall strength behind the Swan 1/4 walls

2. With one of those backer boards should you still primer and seal. One post on this forum had issues with priming that the Silicone did not stick and the wall panel just peeled off.

3. Vapor barrier behind the backer Board? Some posts say with the Swanstone walls you do not need it.

4. Should you still seal the corners and joints of the Backer Boards with some kind of Seal tape or just Silicone or if using WEDI then they have a system for that?

Getting ready to start in on the project and would like a little advice before missing something or making the wrong choices.

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