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Hello everyone,
Im looking for a bit of advice on a shower drain.
I was planning to remodel the bath this year but after finding a leak about 2 weeks ago the process was expedited a bit and I demo'd the room and ripped out some drywall from adjoining rooms that was damaged.

The house is 1 story, built in the late 50s, and is slab on grade, so no crawl space or access to the drain itself. The bathroom is very small (About 37" deep and 83" wide in total) and has a toilet, vanity, and small shower stall. After demo'ing everything I saw that the drain pipe appears to be cast iron, and it had what appeared to be a cast brass drain that was secured to the cast iron pipe with oakum and lead. What was a bit odd is there was no vinyl or lead liner at all, just some dry pack put directly onto of the slab and then some tile on that.




I've got the brass drain removed and now I am looking for a way to somehow attach a more modern drain like perhaps a FloFX or Schluter.

The cast iron is roughly 2 1/4" OD, and I've got about 1 to 1 1/4" sticking up above the slab. Could I use something like this Fernco hub adapter if I cleaned the ID of the cast iron really well?

Or is there some sort of adapter that could be slipped around the cast iron and then bonded in place somehow, then slip the new drain into that bore?
I could probably chip away at the slab around the drain if I needed to get some more access to have a bit more height to fit some sort of adapter, but I am trying to avoid cutting the slab up and re-working everything as the bath is really small and I've got 5 different copper water lines running there, plus the cast iron drain pipe and want to avoid possibly breaking something in the slab. Also It just seems like a massive headache.
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