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While I'll be happy to get some free advice on this, it's way too big a project not to expect to pay for consulting help from a pro. This is an initial post to describe the project.

We bought a "factory built" (not modular) house a few years ago. Originally built in 2006. Most of the plumbing is CPVC. One of the shower valves leaked into the wall on the lower level and now I'm ripping out drywall and looking at mold remediation (still trying to determine the extent of work required). I'm worried that the CPVC is going to start cracking elsewhere and I'll have more leaks.
I'm thinking I need to replumb the entire house before I get more leaks. This seems like the kind of project I could tackle a little at a time.

House is 3 floors with a 2,000 sqft footprint. Main floor has kitchen, laundry, 3/4 bath, master bath (shower & separate big tub).
Lower level has kitchen, washer/dryer, 2 3/4 baths.
There are 2 electric water heaters. House is on well water, now softened. I'm thinking of adding a (normally closed) cross connect so I could limp on a single water heater if one fails.
Upper level has a 1/2 and a 3/4 bath.
I'm ignoring the 3/4 bath in the FROG for now.
Getting competent pros locally is not easy, many contractors won't return calls, most won't show up. I can probably get a pro to help with a few things if something is beyond my skill set but I'll likely have to put the area on hold until they decide to show up. I also have a friend who grew up putting in wells in Florida and I can beg him to make the 800 mile drive to help me out from time to time but I expect that the bulk of the work will be done by me with my wife acting as assistant (she's very willing to help but is an accountant by trade so requires explicit direction).
I've done significant HVAC, electrical, plumbing (PVC & copper) and remodeling over the last 45 years (though my carpentry skills are generally criticized) and I should be able to do a significant amount of the work myself but I would like someone to help layout the entire system and recommend specific parts. Especially as I'm not very familiar with PEX and it's way to easy to do the wrong thing.
My plan was to pick up the DeWalt expander and use Propex/Pex-A for most connections, with a little copper where Pex is not ideal (e.g. shower heads).

I am very comfortable with remote work and can describe and send pictures or sketches of whatever is needed.

My general opinion is that done "right" is better than cheap.

Pre planning is critical. Closest Lowe's or Fergusons are over an hour round trip. Home Depot is over 2 hours. Amazon is generally 5-7 day delivery.
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