Replacing everything on 2in well

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Tl.DR I am replacing everything on my 2in well. The jet at the bottom has a check valve already installed. Should I still add a foot valve under the check valve?
Is it better to use the pressure switch on the pump or the pressure tank? Or maybe both?
Is there an advantage to buying a 2HP pump over a 1.5HP that makes it worth spending extra money on?

Hello, I have a couple questions about a well that I would like some advice on. I have always lived where water was supplied by the city so this is my first experience working on a well. My wife and I have a property that we eventually plan to build on, but that will probably a few years in the future, and will most likely have a new well put in at that time. There is currently a 2in well there that would be nice if I could get it working as we are planting an orchard, and I have to haul water in a 55gal barrel with my truck. Not the most ideal way, but works if I have too.

The well: It is a 2in well that is 118 feet deep. It uses a single 1 1/4in drop pipe with a packer/jet on the bottom at 85 feet.

The man that owned the property before me told me I most likely would need to replace the leathers as he has not used the well in many years at this point. (He would park a camper here during the summer months) I tried to add water to the well so I could prime the pump that he left. The well would not hold water. It would all just flow out the bottom. (Or side if the well casing is bad, which case a packer well system will not work. I am aware this could potentially be the issue, but willing to try and see if I can get it working again.) I am going to replace everything that goes down inside the well. It is hard enough to pull every thing out, so my hope is to put it together once and not have to re pull the drop pipe. My first question is. The jet at the bottom of the drop pipe. The one I bought new comes with a check valve already installed on it. Should I still add a foot valve or is the check valve good enough?

My next question is. The new pump I plan to buy is a Goulds SJ15. This pump comes with a pressure switch installed on it. My pressure tank also has a pressure switch. Is there one that is better to use than the other? Should I use both? Or just bypass one of them?

Last question. (That I currently) The Goulds SJ15 pump is a 1.5HP pump. They have a 2HP pump that uses the same jet as the 1.5HP pump. Is there an advantage to buying the bigger pump over the smaller one? Could the bigger pump last longer as it won't have to work as hard and therfore should not get as hot. Or maybe it's better just because it will give more gallons per minute.

Sorry if I didn't get all the terminology correct. I am attempting to learn as much as I can. I am still young and have more time/energy than I have money, so anything I can do myself I will attempt it. If you need anymore information on the well just ask. All advise that is given I will be greatful for. Thank you!


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If the packer was still in the well when you tried to fill it with water you won't know if there is a hole in the casing or if the leathers on the packer are leaking back. One foot valve below the packer is all that is needed. I would pull out the old packer and install a new one with new leathers and try again. If then the water will NOT stay in the well, you have hole in the casing.

The only reason to use a larger pump is if you want more water. Most people never use the max flow of the pump they have, which causes the pump to cycle on and off. Cycling on and off is what is bad for the pump. Smaller pumps don't work harder than large pumps. But large pump usually cycle on and off more than smaller pumps.

Size the pump for the max flow you will ever use. Then add a Cycle Stop Valve to the system to make the large pump act like a smaller pump when you are using less than max flow. The Cycle Stop Valve is what keeps the pump from working too hard and makes it last many times longer than normal.
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