Refilling/purging X-2 boiler with no drain valve (yet)

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Hi everyone- thanks in advance for your input

I currently have a leak on a t-fitting on what I think is the supply piping of my boiler and need to drain down my system to make the repair.
Screen Shot 2024-03-09 at 12.14.18 AM.png

Before I do, I wanted to verify a few things and ask a couple questions. I’ve attached several pictures for reference.

1.) It appears that my cold water feed, back flow preventer, fill valve, expansion tank, and circulator pump are all piped into the return. I’ve read conflicting information about how the circulator pump can be on either the return or supply side and just wanted verification that in my case, it is in fact on the return. I’ve also read conflicting information about feeding water into the supply vs return. Can anyone explain what’s going on in my system?

Pic 1.jpg

2.) Since I don’t have any drain valve on my return piping before the ball valve (see pic below), is there a way for me to effectively perform a forced water purge? I assume not, which is why I was thinking of soldering on a drain right above the ball valve on the 1/2” copper where the shark-bite cap is currently. Would this work? Other suggestions welcome.

pic 2.jpg

My plan is to drain down the whole system, sweat off the leaky brass t-fitting on the supply piping and replace with new, add a drain above the ball valve on the 1/2” copper, and then re-fill boiler, performing a forced water purge to get the air out. It all seems pretty straightforward, but I’m not quite wrapping my head around why water wouldn’t be pushed UP through the return piping during the forced water purge based on how my system is piped. Obviously, I would want the water from fill valve to travel DOWN into the boiler, circulate thru the supply piping and come back thru the drain I plan on installing, but what prevents the water from being pushed UP the copper return pipe when being introduced during refilling/purging?

Thanks for the insight- there’s probably an obvious answer here, but I’m feeling like a dummy right now.

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