Question on Y vs 90 degree for main through foundation

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Hi all. First post here, but I've referenced the forums in the past for advise.

Last year I purchased a house built in 1957. Located in the Chicago suburbs. I have overhead sewers, and where the main goes out through the foundation was back-pitched towards the house. The main was sheered off a few inches outside the foundation. I had a company in this week to replace the old cast iron T and the section that runs through the foundation. They also replaced the section that transitions from 4" to 6", and replaced a really poorly installed 4" cleanout with a new 6" cleanout. Generally happy with the work.

My question is about the transition from the vertical stack to the horizontal line that runs out through the foundation. They replaced the old cast iron T with a 90. Should this have been a sanitary Y? There's that new 6 inch cleanout outside the foundation, but I was under the impression that anywhere you transition from vertical to horizontal you should have a cleanout.


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Every change of direction greater than 45 Deg has to have a CO

Every base of a stack a CO is required

The ELL they put in needs to be removed and as you said a proper CO needs to be installed

A combination Wye and 1/8 bend and CO on the run is required under most civilized codes and according to decent plumbing practices.

Is the person who did this fiasco licensed and insured?
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