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You guys seem incredibly knowledgable so I thought I would ask for some help.

I moved into my grandparents place and we are on a well system. Water runs from the well head to what we call the pump house, where the pressure tank and switch are located in a small well pit. Then it Y's off to both the shop and the house. (I have included a diagram below)

I would like to move the pressure tank to the shop and do away with the pump house, or at least the well pit. Main reasons for that are freezing in the winter if not heated, would prefer to use the residual heat from the shop and besides I barely fit down there. Also planning to get a larger pressure tank as I think the pump is cycling too often and not sure it will fit in the pit. The pump house is currently not insulated and would rather not because then I still have to heat it as well. But without running a new waterline from the shop directly to the house, I am assuming there is no way to move the pressure tank and switch?

Also was wondering if moving the pressure tank and switch another 120ft away from its current location to the shop would work still? Would the well pump be able to supply enough water to the shop that far away?

As a side note, I have been reading quite a bit on here, and love the idea of a CSV. Does it matter where I install it? Anywhere after the pressure tank, before water usage, right?

If there is a better solution I'm all ears.
Thanks in advance.


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Yes, you can move the pressure tank and pressure switch to the shop. as long as that is where the power comes from to connect to the pressure switch. Just don't have any check valves other than the one down on the pump, and water can come back from the tank until the pump starts.

You didn't say what size tank you have, bur using a CSV you could probably in install a smaller one if you wanted. All you would need with a CSV is a 10 gallon size tank maximum, and a 4.5 gallon tank minimum. The Cycle Stop Valve itself would need to go at the pump house or before any tees or hydrants in the line. But the tank and switch can still be at the shop like we do with our PK1AM kits.

PK1AM Hydrant at Well Tank at House.jpg

CSV1A hydrant at well 20 gallon tank with 6 houses.png
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