Ozone Injection Generators: Preferred makes & models?

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If I decide to go with a Katalox Lite iron-reduction system, I then must choose an ozone-generating unit. Not just AIO, but AIO3, owing to iron bacteria. I understand as follows, that: A) the UV variety have lower output but are less picky about low humidity; and also B) the electrical discharge variety have greater output, but require very dry air.

Of those two kinds, which units by Make and Model perform most reliably?

Do they work with only certain models of Clack valve? I had got a quote listing this... "CK10EE-1MNPT90Bypass(V3006/V3007)" but was unable to find a description of model "CK10EE" anywhere. What's so special about this model? Does anyone have a PDF manual for this CK10EE?

The same quote calls for a 10x54-inch Vortech tank with only 1CF of Katalox Lite media. Am wondering if this is to allow for a greater volume of O3 above?

Granted my Fe is only 1.02 mg/L, and my Mn at 0.08 mg/L, but Wifey is wanting every last bit of clothes-staining gone from the washing machine. Some of her own garments coming out discolored has been only a minor complaint. But a long-time friend of hers visiting from Ireland thought to make use of the machine for a linen jacket and the results were grievously embarrassing. She wants the Fe and Mn gone. I too, come to that. It's a legitimate peeve.


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The EE is the 4 button valve and is highly programmable. The valve mounted ozone generators work very well and typically only require a quick cleaning of the corona discharge cell every 6 months to a year. Many companies use 1 ft3 of KL to allow for more air. Media displaces the amount of space available for air, by using less media they can reduce cost and possibly increase performance.

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