Old brass shower drain leaking

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I am renovating a downstairs bathroom which involves raising the P trap for the shower above by 1.5". (It was an inch below the level of the ceiling joists).

After I redid the ABS and turned on the water I noticed leaks from the brass drain, not from any of the ABS I redid. It's leaking from where the brass threads meet the brass above, from the weird packing material between the old ABS and the inside of the brass which is threaded, and from the outside parts of the brass assembly.

I can't see a way to unscrew the brass drain from the top. There's 40 years of packed dirt between the old ABS and the brass drain. Even after chipping away at it there doesn't apeead to be any place to gain purchase to unscrew it.


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These are really difficult to remove. I would go after the nut with a dremel tool with a cut off wheel. You can either cut all the way through the nut or far enough into it that you can bust it with a big fat flat screwdriver

Replace it with this style of drain. You only need to get the nut finger snug.. with a tad extra umph.. but then finish it up with the screws from below.

Hey, wait a minute.

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