"Nudging" of shower drain standpipe allowed?

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Hi All,

I tend to ramble on. So I'm going to ask the direct question here at top. Then I'll ramble on below in case there's need of more context.

When installing a drain for a shower, is it okay that I have to push/nudge the end of the PVC standpipe between 1/4" to 3/8" of an inch in order for it to actually go into the drain body?

I could easily push it into the proper angle/position with just my thumb so it wasn't too stressed. But it definitely preferred being in the original/resting position! The standpipe is probably about 2 feet in length (though with a coupling in the middle. . . cuz. . . reasons!) before it goes into the P-trap. I don't like the idea of eternal, constant pressure on any joint. But especially if it might cause a break farther along the chain of fittings to the main sewer line (especially farther under the slab). I imagine torque traveling down the standpipe and into the hub of the P-trap. . . or even farther along! Yikes!

So. . . am I worrying for nothing given the minimal distance and force involved? I obsess about these things (especially after I "seal things back up" and can't regularly inspect them). Re-doing the run from scratch at present is not an option (it's under the shower and inaccessible. . . I could barely get the drain replaced and the standpipe re-done with the limited access I have). But we're likely replacing the shower within a year or two. This was part of a stop-gap DIY repair to stop the drain from leaking.

To be clear, even if it's not ideal/perfect, I'm hoping to hear: "People have to do that all the time and it seldom causes issues. You'll almost certainly be fine." I fully concede that "zero stress" on the pipe/fittings is ideal. But. . . in real world practice, is this (for lack of a better term), okay?

Thanks for your time!


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pushing a pipe 1/4 to 3/8s of an inch can be too much if its 3 inches long and locked is solid concrete but if its long or the ptrap isnt really held solid it shouldnt be an issue. it should be somewhat apparant though Your connection could wind up angled if its pushed over but you should see
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