New bath/laundry in basement...where do I pull my water from??

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Homeowner, DIY. Planning, and in production, of a basement bath/laundry. House is 45 yrs old, hot water on demand, currently heating with hot water boiler system that is roughly 20 yrs old.

My question is whether I should tap into a small bathroom above (1/2" lines) for my lines back to the other end of the house where the water heater is (50') to dedicate the supply to the new room itself. Access for running lines to the heater is good as all ceilings in the basement are suspended and easily reached. This will be an operating laundry, not a maybe.

So, I am not sure if it warrants the cost and effort for PEX all the way back to the heater. Will it make that much of a difference in the volume of water if it is being accessed at other points in the house when I need it in the basement? Or, will the closer 1/2" lines from the floor above serve just as well?

Costs not really a concern as much as proper method of install.

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