Need help with well water smell, tried many solutions with no solution yet.

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Florida, US
Greetings everyone,

I'm facing an issue with my water system that's been quite challenging despite my own online research and consulting with a local well water company. Here's the setup, I inherited this system in Central Florida, where the water table is just a few feet below our property, due to the property being surrounded by water on three sides, part of a chain of lakes. It's a short well system, with water flowing from the well to the pump, then to the pressure tank, iron filter, water softener, and finally into the houses. See the pictures below for more information.

The problem I'm encountering is random times after starting the water of really bad sulfur-smelling water, primarily on the cold water side, which can be smelt throughout the entire bathroom. Strangely, it's much less noticeable on the hot side. Previously, I dealt with a metallic smell, and the well water water company cleaned the heads and flushed them with peroxide. I also thoroughly cleaned the brine tank per their recommendation. Initially, the water was excellent, no smell, super clear, passes water tests but about six months later, a sulfur smell has now taken over somewhere.

The water still appears very clear, and the iron filter was installed by the previous owners to address high iron levels. I've tried flushing the iron filter with peroxide and bleach, followed by backwashing, but the smell persists.

Iron Filter: Filtering Mode, Backwash 20 Min, Dn Brine 60 Min, Rinse 10 Min, Runs every other day.
Water Softener: Regen every other day, uses salt pellets in brine tank.

I'm at a loss regarding what else to try. Should I disinfect the system? Do I need additional filters? Could the well be too shallow? I'm willing to invest in solutions for less smelly water, but local experts haven't been able to provide a definitive answer. I'm hoping to tap into the expertise here after exploring numerous threads without finding a solution tailored to my situation.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!


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Are you sure the salt connects to the iron filter?

What media is in the iron filter? Different media might be able to treat both H2S and iron.

For well and plumbing sanitizing that is a good idea if you can do it. But if your well uses a driven sand point, I don't know how you can do that. If your well has a casing, then you could probably adapt a procedure for sanitizing. You would need a way to add a solution to the well and to recirculate the solution.


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The program cycles you specified for the 'iron filter', may also be utilized for an ion exchange system, similar to a softener.

Much of Florida has a tannins problem, so often Anion resin is utilized. Is the softener's brine tank connected to both the softener and iron filter? If so, I suspect the iron filter is not actually for iron but is instead, an Anion ion exchange system.

Always recommended to include an up-to-date or at least a recent lab test report for your raw well water. Without knowing the composition of the water, we can only guess at appropriate treatment. A comprehensive lab report will indicate not only what is contained, but also the specific quantity of each, which will help to determine which treatment method(s) are likely to be most effective.

National Labs offer a Standard Well test which is often recommended on this forum. National Labs
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