Navien NPE-240A Hot Button doesn't run long enough

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~~SOLVED with details at the bottom~~

Quick Details
-California (Title 24 stuff?)
-Navien NPE-240A at 135F Out
-External Recirc Loop installed (Unclear how this is installed since it was done prior to me)
-New Hot Button and P.12 as 5min and P.16 as 500ft. (No Dip Switches are installed on my Hot Button board, but there is a location for it)

-Without Hot Button, In External mode - Works properly and runs about 5 minutes to get the In temperature up to 117F+.
-With Hot Button - Shuts off in early (in about 30 seconds) after getting In temp to about 109F, but then it should run for another 4.5 minutes to get from 109 to 117+.

I have seen others post about setting their Hot Button Dip Switch 2 to On to disable Energy Saver, but mine doesn't have dip switches, it just has solder location for the Dip Switch on the board.

-Is Energy Saver my means to get this to run longer/hotter In?
-Should I try to solder the Dip Switch 2 pins together if so?

Update with the fix to help others:
-I went ahead and soldered Hot Button Dip Switch 2 together (No additional setting changes) and it now ran until In reached 126 (9F according to P.15)

Now I have my MHCOZY WiFi Relay on a schedule in the mornings and evenings using the Tuya Smart App and additional on demand control using Alexa/Google Home
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