Moving into an old house with water softener installed

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Recently bought an older home with a used water softener. I cleaned out the salt well & basin. I know the hardness level of the water here from municipal water analysis. Grains is 6.2, PPM is 106. I bought 2 bags of water softener pellets and I understand I shouldn't be filling it all the way up. Maybe 1/2 way up the basin? I should also mix a bit of water and iron out in case the resin isn't clean. Just wondering if there is anything else I should be doing before I start this?

Can anyone tell me if the system looks like its hooked up properly? Also I'm not sure what to put for other values of the water softener such as: "Salt per regen" and "capacity."

It looks like the thicker black plastic tubing going towards the left is the drain that would go into septic. The two copper pipes are the "hard" and "soft" water, is that right?

I would set total hardness at 9 since water hardness is 6.2 + 3(for inefficiencies).

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