Leak from swivel 90 in mobile home after shower arm broke

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So my shower arm ended up breaking (gotta love a plastic one) so I’m trying to replace it. I have a new mobile home specific shower arm like what was previously there and I almost have it fixed but the plastic drop ear 90 keeps leaking. Sometimes it’s just a drip, others it may be more of a stream. I did add a picture of the shower head set up I currently have in the shower and all the pieces I’m working with. It seems to only leak once I get the shower head onto the extension and more so at full pressure from just the cold water being fully on from what I have seen. If it’s just the shower arm or it’s the shower arm and the extension, it’s fine, it’s just when the shower head is put on so I don’t think I over tightened the 90 and broke it. I think it may be the little rubber gasket/washer since I was trying to reuse the old one but I’m not sure if that’s really what’s causing it to leak. Any ideas on how to stop it from leaking?


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