Just have 1 question about a Fleck5600 SXT AIO

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Will a Flex5600SXT AIO with a 5gal DLFC sufficiently daily backwash a 8x44 tank with Vortech plate filled with .75 cuFt of Filox and 1" garnet underbed?

Control Head = Fleck 5600 SXT AIO w/ 5gal DLFC
Filter Tank = Enpress Vortech 8x44 (up to 30% reduced BW flow rate required)

Filter media = Alamo A8033 Filox w/ 1" garnet underbedding
Backwash = Daily, 15 minutes, 5gal/min @ 60 psi
Maximum service rate = 4gal/min (shower, washer, and sink all running) 2 people
Well Water Daily Usage = ~50 gal (max 100gal) of 2~4ppm Ferrous Iron (turns to Ferric after several days); No Arsenic, Manganese, Chlorine, or H2SO4 (S. Texas Cow Creek Aquifer)
Raw Water Quality = Hardness ~350mg/L; PH - 7.5~7.7; TDS - 900ppm
Water Temp @ 4:00am = 70F~80F in summer time (storage tank)
Booster pump = Goulds 5GBC03 Attached is the spec sheet with pumping curve on page 3 and NPSHR curve on page 8 (pump has 2~3psi inlet pressure)
Storage = 25 year old 2500gal Black Poly tank 95"D x 91"H
680' of 25 year old 1.5" galvanized well pipe is contributing to my iron issue
Ferrous Iron starts to oxidize when run into the storage tank

Flex 5600SXT AIO settings:

VT = dF1b

CT = tc

NT = - - - 1

DO = 1

RT = 4:00

BW = 15

BD = 40

RR = 1


Hopefully, that is enough information to render an educated answer. The BW time can be extended if thought to prudent. I could also use less than .75cuFt of Filox (maybe .66cuFt - whatever it takes to still meet the minimum 20" bed depth and 15% bed expansion).

The 5gal/min BW rate is the constraining factor here. I realize a 7gal/min DLFC could be used, but I would have to reduce my system pressure to reach that flow rate and I prefer (if possible) to have a min. 60 psi as I am pushing water uphill to my house. Also, I may have NPSHR issues @ 7gal/min and I don't want to cause cavitation.

According to the graph located on the page below, I am right at the edge of spec. But the 8x44 tank in the graph does not have a Vortech plate which according to their documentation can reduce backwash flow rates by up to 30%. Hopefully that will make up for the higher water temps and slightly reduced BW rate.

My intent is to setup a zero maintenance Iron filter that will last my lifetime (currently early 60's). Filox is the longest lasting iron filter media and if properly backwashed, should last longer than I will.

I have had an active State of Texas "A" Water license for 25 years and I am fairly conversant when it comes to water. However, I have no practical experience with this.

Thanks for any and all replies, but please remember to answer the question.

P.S. - Not that it is pertinent to the question, but this will be followed by a Triple 4.5" x 20" filter cartridge housing consisting of a 5 micron Poly depth SED > 1 micron Poly depth SED > 5 micron solid Carbon Block that get changed every 6 months.



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