Integrating a Flush Valve and Permeate Pump into APEC RO System for Enhanced Efficiency

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I've recently installed an APEC RO system and am in the process of adding a few key components for improved efficiency and maintenance. I'd appreciate your insights on the following:

1. Leak Detector Integration: I've added a leak detector to the system. While it's a straightforward addition, I'm curious about its commonality and effectiveness in modern RO setups. Is this a standard practice or somewhat redundant with newer systems?

2. Flush Valve and Permeate Pump: The core of my query revolves around the integration of a Flush Valve and a Permeate Pump. Here's where I need your expertise:
- Flush Valve: This is intended to bypass the flow restrictor on the waste water side for periodic membrane maintenance. How can I optimally integrate it into my existing system?
- Permeate Pump: I understand its role in enhancing water pressure and reducing waste water. I'm almost certain about its installation, but would welcome a second opinion to catch any potential oversights.
- Flow Restrictors: My system already has a flow restrictor. Should I adjust or remove it when adding these components? I'm aiming for an optimal balance for efficient filtration.

3. Future Plans: As part of future upgrades, I'm considering adding a valve to switch between RO or pH water to the drinking line.

I can provide images of my setup. The following is a basic block diagram of how I want to install the the permeate pump and flush valve. Insights, especially from those familiar with APEC systems or similar RO setups, would be invaluable.

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