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We tore out an old shower and want to put in a bathtub, however the drain is not easy to relocate because ALL of this ABS is glued together, except for the Ptrap.

As is, the bathtub drain would end up over the bottom yellow circle, while an overflow would end up somewhere around the top yellow circle.

Here’s what I’ve considered:
1) use a direct- drain bath tub kit, where the drain essentially comes straight down into the ptrap and the overflow comes back to a T at the drain. This will be hard because as-is this leaves only 2-3 vertical inches between the bottom of the T and the top of the ptrap opening. Given that the Ptrap can’t rotate to exactly where it needs to be (1 to 1.5 inches off). I don’t know how to make this work.

2) use a regular bathtub drain kit (drain goes to end of tub to a T with the overflow. Bottom of T connects to ptrap). BUT leave the Ptrap where it is, so the water would essentially make a V from the tub drain, toward the wall to the T, then back to the Ptrap. I think I’ll have the vertical space for this. Question is - is this allowed? Or is that too many bends?

Any other ideas? Or questions to clarify the situation?


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