Hot water coil on first co air handler

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I have cool air coming out of the first floor vent. The second floor has a separate air handler and is blowing hot air.

I checked the air handler at the hot water coil area and felt theres scalding hot temp at the inlet but the return is cool to the touch all the way back to the oil boiler.

I tried to bleed air from the bleeder valve on the hot water coil. It did help a little and the return got slightly warm. I probably didnt do it long enough or not properly.

Theres one circulator pump for all 3 zones. I will post some pics so you guys see what im working with.

Money is tight now with whats going on and oil prices hit $4.20 in my area. Im trying to see if I could tackle this problem without calling an "expert".

Anyone have an idea what to look for next?


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Peace valley missouri
Is there thermostat for the air handler? Any motorized valves on the piping? If you close off one of the other air handler valves does it start to heat? Take a pic of the air handlers name tag and piping.
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