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I am investigating home water leak detectors. I have only been looking at systems that will actually shut the water off for the whole house if a leak is detected. I am considering Flo by Moen, Phyn Plus, and Waterhero. All of these will shut the water off if a problem is detected. I believe the Flo and the Phyn use an algorithm to learn your water usage and then uses that to measure flow, pressure and temp changes and shuts the water off if something abnormal happens. Waterhero uses an app to ask you when you are home and when you are away. I might have some of this wrong but am wondering if anyone has had experience with home water leak detectors like the ones I mentioned and if they worked?

Tuttles Revenge

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I know that we've installed them for customers, but I'm not aware of any feedback. We install point of use leak detector / shut offs for water heaters , clothes washers and dishwashers all the time.. But a whole house system makes a lot of sense considering how many times I've seen water supply tubes give way under sinks and toilets.
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