Faucet brand quality and multi-output simultaneous diverter valve

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We are selecting faucets and we would be grateful to hear the experiences of others.

We are primarily concerned with the faucet brand’s build quality and performance for the long haul, as well as ease of installation.

Is it safest to stick with Delta? What other reliable brands are worth considering? We have been in an endless selection workflow loop. If only Delta had some slightly nicer designs. :)

Like, we looked into Riobel and have concern about various idiosyncrasies we have read about on the web.

We would like to have the option to use the rainhead and the wand simultaneously on occasion, but we are unsure of the water pressure requirements needed to accommodate this along with other activities like flushing the toilet or using the kitchen sink. Is there a standard water pressure range? Is there a minimum range of water pressure to accomplish this?

Is the dual simultaneous output thing a common feature for some homes that are trying to “level up” above Builder Grade?

We thought we found a Hansgrohe rough-in shower valve that would allow for simultaneous output to two outputs, but a showroom person indicated that this brand did not have simultaneous output. Hence our increasing uncertainty.

While we are familiar with thermostatic valves, we are interested in finding the lowest tech option that can do two output simultaneously, even if we do not need temperature control that the thermostatic category provides. Is volumetric the lowest common denominator for the multi-output feature “that we think we need”.

Installation is also a key concern for us, as we want to avoid any potential issues caused by the plumber’s mistakes. Just acknowledging a lot of problems may be a root cause in the installation.

But sometimes the product seems like it is to blame. We have read reports of Riobel diverter installation causing problems for the finish work (such as tile thickness), so we are wondering if this is a general potential problem with any brand.

Lastly, I am new here and want to express my condolences to Terry's family.

Thank you for reading my post.

BTW, we are installing a circ-pump in this system in case that is a important factor to know about. Seems relevant to water pressure but what do I know. :)

Oh! And we have half-inch pipe (not a new home and definitely not a luxury build). I mention this because when I was studying the huge Hansgrohe sales pdf. I saw 3/4 and 1/2 and a mention of adapters. I also thought I read that some valves were indeed silmuntaneous output.
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