Ejector pit ground water leaking in from around inlet pipe

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We have an ejector pit in our basement for the bathroom down there. This pit also happens to be maybe a foot from the sump pit, why they're that close and both next to the incoming water line, I have no idea. House is new to us.

Any way, we discovered, by means of the pump turning on, during intense rainfalls, ground water actually leaks into the ejector from around the pvc pipe inlet. The ejector pit pump tends to cycle more than sump pump. We thought it was the sump pump. The sump pump does run but just not as frequently. My sump basin also isn't perforated, it just has the drain tile pipes running into it. I think the ejector pit inlet just happens to be slightly lower than the drain tile entrance so that might explain why that gets water first.

My question is how I can seal around the pvc inlet to either minimize or stop ground water intrusion? I asked two different plumbers about sealing it and they said they've never seen one that doesn't leak around the inlet and not to worry about. I'm worried about it undermining the basement slab. I'm guessing it has been leaking like this for years, long before we purchased the house.
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