Eaton Dual-Purpose breaker keeps tripping

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Hey, all, may be too late for some, but I have had the same issue (& so has many of my neighbors....) with Eaton AF/GF type CH breakers tripping for no reason. House is just over 3 yrs old. 1st on the Washing machine recept., next on the Dryer (120V) recept and now the Dishwasher. The breakers were giving me 6 blinks, indicating the breaker was just "bad". At this point, I had already replaced the 1st 2 at $52/ea. & decided this is BS! So I contacted Eaton (I worked in Elec Eng for the Oil/Gas industry for over 30 yrs & their industrial brand products were the crem-de-la-crem so I knew they SHOULD be a good product). My fellow co-worker, who serves on a NEC committee had told me the technology on these just can't handle the noise when a motor is on the ckt. :-((
Long story short, the Eaton rep informed me that these breakers (Type CH) have a LIFETIME warranty and all I need to do is take the bad breaker to a local supply house (he provided names of several to choose from) and swap out the bad for a new one - no receipt or purchase info required.
So, if you are getting trip code 6, call Eaton Technical support for the names of Electrical supply houses that are available to give you a swap.
Type BR breakers have a 10-yr Warranty, and Eaton probably provides the same swap-out service for those.
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