Delta diverter RP17730 vs RP10799

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Delta changed their standard diverter (RP10799) you an oval one with more holes in it (RP17730) in 1988. My house was built in 1982. Therefore the earlier model should have been used. But my ex used the newer one and somehow got it to work, although it was never quite right. Wrong handles as well. That was is 1998. Now that it broke I have to replace it. I got the new style, because that's what was in there, it didn't fit and broke coming back out. Got the one that should have been used in the first place. Goes in easy. Assemble everything and it makes a loud banging noise like the water is beating it to death for 15 seconds or so. Shower comes on. Tub diverts to tub and shower and it's a lot in both. Got another diverter of the new type. I can't get it in unless I use a lot of grease and bang it in. Then it doesn't turn. I tried sanding the components to make it a bit smaller so it will fit. Nope. So now what? I'm guessing since the wrong one was used in the first place it probably expanded the pipe over the years. Argh. Can anyone help please?


Delta RP10799


Delta RP17730
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